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The LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need To Know Today

Brands are prioritizing LinkedIn more than ever. As Facebook (now Meta) rolled up their announcements for their main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, users felt overwhelmed by the rapid changes. …

LinkedIn is a platform that focuses more on the professional industry. While most social media sites focus on personal communication and causal interactions, LinkedIn highlights various businesses’ professional opportunities and learning aspects. 

The target audience of LinkedIn is completely different. You will find two primary groups of audiences on the site. One is the hustlers, who started operating in the professional world and are looking for growth opportunities. The second group consists of successful content creators looking for new talents and individuals to become a part of their business. 

The site is currently very popular, with over 800 million users globally. It started operating as early as 2002 and quickly became one of the most in-demand sites for professionals. Most people looking for professional openings, connections, and interactions look towards LinkedIn to provide the exposure they need to grow. 

Linkedin’s Environment

The one thing that sets LinkedIn apart from all other social media accounts is its objective and environment. While most of the social media apps focus more on showing the personal aspect of users and helping them communicate, LinkedIn works differently. 

You will not find a plethora of selfies, long captions, or personal rants of people about their lives. Instead, the platforms allow users to interact professionally, showcase their skills and achievements, and provide feedback about their experience with businesses. 

People are now using the platform to maintain their brand recognition, apply for job openings, hire more individuals, expand business value, etc. The “Connect” feature on the site also lets professionals from similar or different industries interact and connect. 

You may even find businesses reaching out to professionals with robust opportunities and growth. Brand building is a great tool that most professional advertising, marketing, and insurance agencies use on-site. 

Linkedin Is Priority 

Brands are prioritizing LinkedIn more than ever. As Facebook (now Meta) rolled up their announcements for their main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, users felt overwhelmed by the rapid changes.

LinkedIn leaders have shared some important insights that truly matter when crafting a LinkedIn strategy for 2022. 

“There was a time when B2B marketers could tap into B2C lookalike approaches to drive campaign success, but those days are over. Marketers must re-imagine everything, from the products they use, to how they reach their audiences, to what campaign success means. 

This is uncharted territory. The brands that win — that redefine the future of B2B digital advertising — will be the ones that are nimble and quick to test and iterate. 

Tomorrow’s successful marketers will never look back and plow forward, knowing that, although the future will never look the same, it will look much more successful than ever. 

The future is built on privacy, understanding buying groups, and mining the insights to effectively evaluate the buying signals to drive effective B2B marketing campaigns.”

We are excited to see LinkedIn putting so much stress on their groups. They probably understand that large-scale audience interaction is the best way to market on LinkedIn and can result in more profits, a better fan base, and improved overall results. 

Organic Growth 

LinkedIn offers an additional element to the content you create and post on the platform. This allows the crawler to easily locate your content and rank it much higher in results than other LinkedIn profiles and information listed on the platform.

Brands can still do the same using a blog, but that is quite expensive for most businesses. Therefore, they need to stick to basics to keep things streamlined. Users can also utilize LinkedIn articles, as they are good for building brand reputation, awareness, and creating brand recognition.

Linkedin Videos 

Linkedin Videos are becoming increasingly popular because of the increased demand and marketing benefits that LinkedIn recognizes. These videos offer better audience engagement, marketing results, and overall improved business ventures. It is why other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram also started creating video content through reels in 2020. TikTok, on the other hand, is a full video marketing platform with millions of users.

For instance, statistics reveal that using video and audio content on LinkedIn pages is important to 85% of the users on the platform. 

Similarly, people have watched over 16 hours worth of long videos on the platform in recent times. Experts indicate that this number could soon increase drastically. 

Even YouTube claims that users watch nearly one billion videos daily, which will increase over time. 

Wyzowl’s 2020 report has also declared Linked In as one of the most powerful platforms for video content marketing. 


 Several statistics also indicate the similar importance of this video content online.

  • For example, 90% of the users believe that a video featuring a product helps meet the requirements of nearly all major businesses.

  • Similarly, nearly 84% of the consumers are okay with investing in a product or service after watching its video. 

  • Even professional marketers recognize the impact of video content and claim that it has helped boost their site traffic up to an 83%.

  • However, a wide majority of the users are also picky with the kind of video marketing they see. For instance, nearly 73% of the users prefer “entertaining” videos over traditional marketing videos.

LinkedIn Stories: Why they failed

As mentioned before, LinkedIn is a different platform compared to other conventional social media sites. LinkedIn tried to add stories into its accounts to make it more like the other apps and add features. 

While this feature worked for most social media apps, LinkedIn did not experience the same. The main reason was that the audiences did not use the feature enough, taking up unnecessary space. People prefer adding professional, and quality content on their LinkedIn accounts only instead of posting medium-quality content. 

The idea of adding Video stories on top of the platform made it feel alienated and did not get the response it expected. Therefore, the story trend did not fit with the LinkedIn account.

However, LinkedIn is working on alternative features that allow a more interactive environment for the users and keep their businesses running. 

What Are They Working On?

LinkedIn is now experimenting with new potential features to add more value to its site. While the site has good response rates, they need something new to keep the organic traffic engaged. Many brands and companies are talking about a Club House feature, including Instagram, Facebook, Slack, Spotify, etc. 

Similarly, according to recent statements, LinkedIn is working on its audio networking feature. LinkedIn will stick to Beta Testing for now, but we expect this feature to appear for other users soon. Like another platform, LinkedIn’s version of the feature will probably include the stage of the speaker’s front, a center, and a list of people in the audience lower down the screen.

It is now introducing other features like New Creator Mode, a Club House-like feature, which is a natural fit. 

Additionally, there are several powerful tools on the platform that most professionals miss out on. These features include the following:

  • Restricting your connection visibility

  • Private mode profile view

  • Showcase pages to segment your audience

  • Save searches

  • Sending messages without connecting

  • Meeting and interview scheduling, etc.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a powerful professional tool which can unlock a plethora of opportunities for aspiring professionals in their relevant industries. Several developments and new trends in the application can help you improve your organic traffic and get professional growth easily. We suggest you reach out to us for more information on LinkedIn Marketing trends for your profile today.