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The Instagram Marketing Trends You Need To Know Today

Instagram has made some serious changes in its operations in everything from the newsfeed, to the SEO enhancements on-site. These changes could maximize Instagram’s popularity, help the site get more views, followers, and overall users.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has billions of users from around the world. It is currently the sixth most used social media site in the world. It is also the 10th most visited site in the US, with over 0.9 Billion visits in January 2021 alone. The social media platform was also the 5th most downloaded app in the App Store back in 2020, which all means that Instagram is here to stay. 

Like other social media accounts, Instagram is making some serious changes to its algorithm. The good news! Instagram has shed some light on how their algorithm works and which changes are coming up. 


These instructions and guides can help you better grasp what changes you can expect from future Instagram trends. As these trends evolve, we’ll be updating this content so you can always get the most relevant changes!

So let us begin. 


Videos: The Future of Instagram in 2022


In a word, it’s VIDEOS! Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, recently shared his vision related to Instagram. He claims that Instagram will consolidate all its content around videos and reels. They removed the IGTV brand to replace them with longer videos. However, users need to tap on these videos to watch them properly.

The platform also plans to introduce more monetization tools into the system to support and motivate content creators to produce more changes. Furthermore, the head believes they will focus more on their messaging app and provide more options to users.

Let us have a look at these changes on Instagram ahead.


Changes for Creators


Instagram plans to introduce several monetization tools including a Partnerships messaging folder. This is a dedicated folder to help creators keep a closer look at their sponsored opportunities, and communicate with brand marketers.

We may also see the application introduce a subscription option on the platform to boost the monetization process for content creators online. Some of these monetization tools also include the following:

Storefront Option: This will apply to creators that are a part of an affiliate program, which would allow them to create their products.

Photo App Update: The photo app is testing new branded content added to boost monetize the platform.

Sponsored Mark: Branded content tag ads will have a sponsored mark on them, rather than a paid partnership tag.

Subscriptions: The subscriptions options allow content creators several benefits including subscriber lives, stories, and badges. However, these additional options are only available for selected profiles and accounts. 


Messenger is getting revamped this year! 

There are plenty of useful tools and additions on the messenger app. It includes special features like swipe to reply to messages, reacting with any emoji, chatting with friends who use Facebook, etc. The best part is that users can do all of this without leaving the Instagram app at all.

How to know if you have the latest messenger features on Instagram?

Users who want to check if they have the latest messenger features on Instagram should check out this page.



Reels Feed 


As the platform shifts from image-only to mostly videos, we are seeing how Instagram is focusing on enhancing its Reels features. 


They have announced that all their videos will have Reels features. For instance, regular videos have features like “Remix,” so that others can open their camera and share a video reaction.


Video reactions are generating plenty of engagement, which is another recent update.


Since the algorithm favors those accounts that use their new features, we highly recommend staying on top of Reels trends, to get the most out of your Instagram Marketing.

Redesigned Home feed

Instagram has confirmed three new feed options will soon be available in the app. These include: 

Chronological Following feed. 

TikTok has been using this model since it went mainstream in 2018, and it works. It helps make surfing the app much easier and allows users to jump between pages with a single tap. However, one of the best features we believe is the following feed. Now, users can view their following feeds in chronological order so that they don’t miss out on the latest buzz in their profiles.


When apps are shifting, it will bring a never-ending list of updates that you’ll need to keep up. Stay focused on your big picture! Remember that social channels are simply your distribution channels. If you don’t have a close community, this is your sign to create it! I predict that Facebook Groups will gain more popularity for businesses and creators this year! 

Instagram’s Most Impactful Changes So Far (Trends)

Instagram has achieved several milestones regarding these focuses that we mentioned earlier. Interestingly, these changes helped create new trends for Instagram in 2022, and we believe that they are here to stay for the upcoming future.

Following are the most interesting changes and trends that Instagram experienced in recent times. 

Story Swipe Up

Instagram removed the swipe-up link in the Instagram stories in August of 2021. The popular addition helped high-profile creators to direct their Story’s viewers to a website; for more info on a product, or to read an article. It also allowed users to sign up for a service or promote other things that the creators wanted.

However, accounts with 10,000 followers or more could enjoy this feature. However, this restriction doesn’t exist anymore and now all accounts have a link sticker. They can use it to add links to their profile stories.

 “Tap the link” is the new call to action for these accounts, and honestly, people love it. The link sticker is customizable too. This allows users to change the old swipe-up call to action button as they want. For example, you can alter it for a specific and branded call to action. All you need to do is edit the URL 

How do you Swipe Up?

The short answer is you do not because the feature has changed on Instagram. 

Reels Get More Organic Reach

Reels have become a key frontier for organic reach on the app. The increased reach of Reels seems to have a knock-on effect of boosting your overall engagement, too.


Keep in mind that not all Reels are created equal. The performance of one Reel is by no means a predictor of the next.

The best thing you can do is to keep the consistency. 


How can you get more views on Reels?

There seems to be a few different factors at play here:


Timing and hashtags are likely still important for dictating the performance of Reels, but not as important as the quality and relevancy of the content. 

New Reels users of those who haven’t posted in a while may experience some ‘newbie’ gains ie. 

The Reels algorithm seems to work in a similar way to TikTok, where how your video performs in the first hour seems to affect how many people your video will ultimately reach.

Entertainment content works best!


SEO Enhancement

Instagram started optimizing its search bar for SEO requirements. It is because Instagram result ranking also matters in the long run. The platform introduced several new additions to make the site SEO friendly. 

For example, keywords are now displayed in the search bar, which allows users to choose relevant content, filter out unwanted creators and content and maximize the effectiveness of creation. This has also helped new creators introduce more content frequently for maximum reach and output. 

The explore page is not only displaying hashtag-based content, as it focuses on the broader content available on-site, rather than just what is trending. Moreover, the algorithm is using ALT features and artificial intelligence to recognize the content, beyond hashtags.

Virtual Reality Filters

Platforms like Snapchat gained popularity from their virtual reality filters that allow users to create content using these filters in the environment. Instagram has already announced that they will keep enhancing their VR filters.

B2B marketing

Instagram is a fantastic platform for B2B marketers. It provides a space for making new connections in almost any industry, at almost any stage in their development. For B2B marketing, Instagram works great to showcase your brand values, company culture, recognize your team, and humanize the brand. We expect the B2B marketing to improve quickly on Instagram.

Bottom Line

Instagram has made some serious changes in its operations in everything from the newsfeed, to the SEO enhancements on-site. These changes could maximize Instagram’s popularity, help the site get more views, followers, and overall users.

Instagram users should keep these algorithm changes and trends in mind while creating content in 2022 and ahead. For more tips and information about Instagram marketing, you can always reach out to us. We also suggest you check out our trend tips for other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc.