The Greatness Manifesto: How To Market For Greatness

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What does it take to reinvent yourself without feeling defeated?  How can you go from rock-bottom to rockstar?  The answer is one word: Greatness.

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night thinking about an idea?  Perhaps you’re reading this post very late and you just can’t fall asleep simply because your mind is too active.  You are about to unleash your potential to activate your greatness!

I have a confession!  I wrote this manifesto during one of those nights. That’s why I know exactly how it feels when your mind is full of ideas and your inner voice tells you that it’s time to take action. You can’t sleep!

The reason why you’re wide awake right now is that your thoughts are shifting your life and you are feeling the effects of an upcoming change.  You’re afraid of the unknown. You feel uncertain. You’re wondering if this new episode of your life is going to bring you the happiness that you have been pursuing.  Your sixth sense tells you that there’s gotta be a way.

Only certain circumstances have the power to activate our greatness.

Greatness is, in my opinion, pushing through hard times without losing focus and momentum in your life.  It’s when you receive an unexpected outcome and you know that you can’t break down because others rely on your super powers. It’s when you execute last minute tiny shifts and things turn out to be exactly as if you had planned for months.

Greatness is also when you become successful during conditions when 99% of people would fail.  You set the bar. You break the standards.

For many years I was afraid of revealing my personal story to people.  I was afraid of judgment. I thought that it wasn’t relevant sharing with people a number of obstacles that I went through in order to be where I am right now.  Until I realized that my story is not about me. My story is what allows me to tell you my lessons today.

I’m glad we have virtually met. I’m here to tell you that your sixth sense is right. You are meant to do great things in life. You’re the kind of people that don’t settle for less. You’re my people!  This manifesto will allow you to understand where you are right now and how you can turn your wildest dreams into your normal life and business day!

Adversity is your sharpener.

I’m sure that you have heard that one day you will understand your lessons.  Well, that is completely true.  You won’t understand it while you’re going through adversity, but you will, sooner or later.

Allow yourself to accept things that you can’t change. By doing that you are setting yourself for growth and will move closer to experience your transformation.

Be grateful for adversity. It gives you the contrast that you need to appreciate the good things in life. The more adversity you experience, the better you get at getting yourself out of it.

As humans, we experience changes ever since we were conceived. Changes are part of our nature. However, changes don’t always mean growth.  Anyone can change.  But growing is a matter of choice.  Learning how to grow and pivot is part of your greatness.

How exactly can you learn how to grow and pivot? 

If we want to grow, we must turn ourselves to a growth environment.

What does a good growth environment look like?

1) A place where others are ahead of me.

Seek to spend time with people who are smarter, faster, and more successful than you are. If you’re always at the head of the class, then you’re probably in the wrong class.

2) A place where I’m continuously challenged.

A good growth environment puts pressure on us to improve. If our daily work is too easy or comfortable, then we shortchange ourselves and stunt our development. It’s healthy to be in over your head from time to time. It forces you to swim, and you grow stronger as a result. Yet, while being out of your comfort zone challenges you to swim, being out of your strength zone causes you to drown. Ideally, you want to be in a place that pushes you to sharpen your strengths, but not one that expects you to perform well in areas where you have no natural ability.

3) A place where my focus is totally forward.

Some organizations attempt to preserve yesterday instead of changing tomorrow; their definition of progress is to walk backwards slowly. They impede the growth of their people. On the other hand, influential companies—those that look to the future and consider how to transform it—inspire their people to grow.

4) A place where the atmosphere is affirming.

Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul, and everyone needs it. Search out environments where people cheer one another on to greatness.

5) A place where I wake up excited.

Do you dread going to work or do you look forward to it? Gravitate toward environments that tap into your passion. When you find them, no one has to provide you with motivation because you’re already inwardly energized to do your job.

6) A place where failure isn’t my enemy.

It’s difficult to develop in an environment where you’re not free to fail. The best growth atmospheres reward risk-taking and daring, and they accept that mistakes are a natural part of life. In them, failure is viewed as a stepping-stone to success rather than as a source of shame.

7) A place where others are growing.

Just as a group of long-distance runners tend to push one another to maintain a fast pace, a team of people who prioritize personal growth spur one another to keep getting better.

Source: John Maxwell

Greatness is when you see yourself as a champion.  Adversity prepares you and conditions you; but to be a champion, you must learn how to turn around the game and win.

Champions adopt a “no matter what” approach.

The first time when I heard about the “no matter what” approach was from Lisa Nichols, author of the book No Matter What. A woman who fought poverty, discrimination, abuse, and many obstacles but today is a transformational coach who empowers millions of people.

You can have intelligence and skill, but it takes attitude to become a champion. The no matter what approach is the attitude that you must adapt if you want to create greatness.

The 6-figure income that you want to have. Your beautiful home. Your wonderful family. Your healthy body… You will own all of those only if you have a great attitude.  That’s why the smartest student in your class isn’t necessarily the most successful person that you know today.

Greatness is knowing your gifts and expanding them as much as you can. Don’t try to be someone else. The more you become aware of your unique brilliance, the more self-worth you will have.

Let’s say that your goal is to make $10,000 this month.  Create an offer where you provide a service using your talents. Calculate the value of the benefits of working with you. You will be surprised!  The $10,000 in fees that you will ask will be a no brainer to someone!   Have you created your $10,000 package yet?

How To Grow Your Income With Marketing For Greatness

I truly believe that my calling is to serve those heart-centered entrepreneurs so they can increase their revenue by activating their greatness.  Most people assume that I own a social media marketing company.  Yes.  We do social marketing, but what we do is much bigger than social marketing.  It’s about empowerment, increasing, equipping, and growing.  We love marketing.  We love creativity.  But we love growing businesses too!  This is why I decided to call my company Marketing For Greatness.

When you activate your greatness, everything flows. Your finances get aligned. Your personal life gets centered.  You feel grounded. Each day has a meaning.  You don’t even run a business.  You serve those who are meant to work with you. There’s no need to push sales or deals.  You vibrate at your highest frequency.  Your ideas flow.  You become more. Your income level increases.

The fact that you’re reading this should tell you something.  You are awakening. You are getting ready to soar.  I think we should have a conversation. Click here to access my calendar.

Don’t be afraid to set up some boundaries; especially to clean your calendar and eliminate activities that no longer serve you. This also includes people, unfortunately.

Think, talk, and act like a champion!

This greatness manifesto has been revealed to you. You can’t unlearn this information!

Thoughts to ponder …

What ideas or services could you create to make $10,000 more this month?  Does it make sense to schedule a call to discover if Marketing for Greatness is a good fit?  Click here to access my calendar.

It’s almost 6 in the morning! I better catch some sleep. It will be a pleasure talking to you!



Marketing For Greatness- Jessica Campos, Forensic Marketing