Tai Lopez TED Talk The Law of The 33%

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Tai Lopez introducing the law of the 33%

If there is a word that I could pick to describe Tai Lopez, it would be visionary.  Tai is a role model in the online marketing industry.  With millions of followers on social media, you could think that he doesn’t need more visibility.  However, his vision took him to another arena.  TED Talks.

Watch the video to learn his IDEA about The Law of The 33%

I cannot agree more with Tai on this subject.  He shares his personal story, when he was 16 and wanted to do more for his life and decided to reach out for mentorship.  In life, if we want to achieve more, we must become more.  And how can we do it?  The law of the 33% is a possible solution.

Spend 33% of your time helping people that need your advice

Spend another 33% of your time with people that ahead of you

The other 33% of your time, read books, be mentored

This formula for success seems very simple to follow.  The problem is that we are not intentional about how we invest our time.  We want to be a success story but we are not willing to pay the price, Tai says.  I have to agree.

If you are the already hustling, congratulations!  You are making things happening and your results are happening no matter what.  If you are not hustling, I hope this article helps you finding inspiration to climb to the top.  Because you can!



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