5 Smart Tips for Keeping Up with Social Media When You’re New to the Game

How does a person working with social media for the first time keep up with it?

That’s a good question because social media can move very fast. Most people are posting daily, if not multiple times a day. It’s even harder to keep up when you’re juggling your business, family life, and other obligations.

So, how can you keep up without losing your mind?

I have some tips that might help.

5 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Social Media Strategy

Keeping up with social media is hard unless you have some tools to help you do it. These are my top tips:

1. Set Up Tangible Goals

First, set up goals based on what you can handle.

Are you looking to engage with future users of your product or services? Are you looking to establish relationships with professionals that could be partners?  How many new contacts would you like to have per week?

It all depends on what can you handle. Once you know that, we can reverse-engineer.

2. Eliminate Chaos by Organizing Your Time

Social media can easily be a distraction unless you organize your time to work as a social media marketer.

Plan out when you will post and what you will post in advance. Create a calendar that lays it all out, then follow it.

This is an example of a weekly social media calendar from Template.net:

3. Educate Yourself

Learn the basics of social media marketing (SMM) so you’re not going in blind.

Did you know that SMM is a degree? It’s a very complex world. That’s why you need to set up expectations and allow yourself to be a student!

Personally, I love when entrepreneurs are willing to learn by shadowing a marketing expert. It’s actually the main purpose why I started my online school.

4. Choose a Posting Frequency

How many updates you should share? If you’re not so active, then 3 updates a week is okay. Pick 3 themes and run with them the entire month. Here’s my suggested posting schedule:

  • Expert tips: 1 every Wednesday
  • Success stories: 1 every Friday
  • Sharing industry news: 1 every Sunday

5. Collect a Bank of Content Ideas

Producing consistent content WILL be a pain (it is for most of us). For this reason, we recommend our clients collect a bank of content ideas and produce them during the month.

6. Allow Time for Direct Conversations

Learn how to FIND prospects by engaging and talking to them directly.

  • Get yourself a script.
  • Track your connections.
  • My book goes into more detail on how to talk to prospects.
  • My favorite class that teaches on this topic is a good start if you’re new to social media.

Ready to Conquer Social Media?

Using social media consistently is a great way to boost your brand and build your online presence.

If you’re ready, take the next step! Experience a Forensic Marketing Demo with me as your guide.