Entry Level Social Media Manager Position (Without A Degree)

Are you someone who is uniquely creative, has an powerful entrepreneurial spirit, and wants to start a career in one of the fastest-growing industries?

Are you dreaming about landing that perfect job, or perhaps just getting started in a new marketing agency in the exciting world of social media?

There was a time in my life when I thought spending my days as a lawyer was the only job that I could do to ensure I paid the bills and made an impact on the world. However, once I discovered that I could make a living by using creativity, filming fun videos, and connecting with people, I ditched that stressful law practice for a life full of fun, amazing people, and unbelievable opportunities! Hands down, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Entry Level Social Media Jobs 101 

When it comes to getting started working in the amazing world of social media, it is important to understand that account management is just one of many exciting opportunities out there. As companies and brands discover the power of social media to help them tell their story and reach new customers, they are increasingly looking for creative and high-spirited leaders who are ready to step into a new industry.

Since it’s beginning, social media has grown into a billion-dollar industry that now drives many aspects of the world. From content creators to analytic specialists and campaign strategists, you will find just as many (if not more) professionals working in the social media marketing department as you would in any print or video-based firm. 

Want to learn more about what entry-level social media roles exist in the market today? Let’s break down a few of the leading positions, as well as the potential salaries you could earn in markets such as Texas and New York. 

Social Media Management  

The first role in that a social media aficionado may themselves in is as a social media manager. In this position, an individual may find themselves overseeing the various social media accounts for a brand or business. 

From building strategies for when specific social media posts are launched to various channels to responding to comments and inquiries to engage followers, this role is a vital part of a social media team that really clicks. Not only does a social media manager hold the “keys to the kingdom” for a company’s social accounts, they will often direct the voice and brand behavior online! 

Social Media Management Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

Wondering how much a social media manager can potentially earn in the Austin, TX area? On average, a skilled social media manager can make upwards of $49-$50,000 a year!

Social Media Management Salaries in New York City, NY Area

In the New York, NY area, social media managers help oversee some of the most influential brand accounts, and can earn up to around $56,000 a year.

Content Creation

One of the most important jobs in the social media world is content creation. In social media, the goal of every brand and account is to “stop the scroll” by creating exciting and engaging content that stops someone in their digital tracks and causes them to watch, read, or click-through to learn more! 

If you have a knack for creating high-quality content that wows viewers, then you could make quite an impact online as a content creator!

Content Creation Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

In Austin, Texas, the average company or social media marketing agency will hire a content creator for around $49,150 a year on average.

Content Creation Salaries in New York City, NY Area

If you can land a job as a social media content creator in New York, you could start out earning around $55,800 a year!

Community Management

Why do you make posts and create content on social media accounts? To build your brand following! The strength and success of your social media accounts will only ever be as strong as your online community. 

As a social media community manager, you will work hard to ensure that content is curated specifically for the community that follows your brand online. This can mean interacting with comments in online groups, building community loyalty through fun content, or even running online competitions and giveaways!

Community Management Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

A skilled Community Management specialist in Austin can earn around $49,150 a year starting out.

Community Management Salaries in New York City, NY Area

In New York, a social media Community Manager can begin earning around $55,500 to around $75,000 a year depending on the company or brand.

Campaigns and Promotion

If you are skilled in creating great content, then you can take a step further in your digital marketing journey and start building high-quality social media campaigns. Whether you are promoting a product, a service, a company launch – almost every possible kind of brand release needs an exciting and engaging social media campaign to reach the right customers with the right information.

Campaigns and Promotion Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

If you can build high-quality and effective social media campaigns, you could earn a salary of around $48,200 a year starting out!

Campaigns and Promotion in New York City, NY Area

In the New York, NY area, you could potentially begin at a starting salary of $59,900 per year in social media campaigns and promotion.

Social Media Advertising and Paid Promotion

The true bread-and-butter of social media is advertising. By building popular content and maximizing your use of advertising and promotion on different channels, you can reach high-value customers and followers in no time! 

As companies begin to take notice of the power of social media advertising and digital marketing, this role has become one of the most in-demand positions on many marketing teams. If you can master social media advertising, the sky’s the limit for your career!

Social Media Advertising and Paid Promotion Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

In Austin, Texas, you can earn a salary of, on average, $49,150 a year.

Social Media Advertising and Paid PromotionSalaries in New York City, NY Area

A social media advertising specialist in New York can earn around $55,800 a year.


Social Media Director

A successful social media presence requires more than simply an eye for catchy content or knowing which great filter to put on a post. Each social media platform utilizes their own unique computerized algorithms that decide what posts reach the most users.

If you’re into analyzing numbers, finding patterns, creating hypothesis and case studies, you can dig deeper into how different social media accounts operate, and build strategies to help unique types of content reach the most valuable followers! From analyzing statistics such as clicks, interactions, and share rates, you can help a brand or account better use their social media to push the right kinds of content to the right customers!

This is, in a nutshell, the role of a social media director. The key distinction is their responsibility to impact the company’s bottom line. If the job requires developing strategies to drive revenue, then it’s beyond social media management.

Social Media Director Salaries in Austin, TX Area 

A social media whiz-kid who knows their way around analytics can earn up to $70,000 a year on average in the Austin, Texas region.

Social Media Director Salaries in New York City, NY Area

In New York, you can land a lucrative job that can earn up to $100,000 a year and of course this depends on the company or the brand.

Plan Your Social Media Success: Know the Role You Want, and Master It! 

As you can see, there are many more unique opportunities to be found in the world of social media marketing and management than you may have imagined. In fact, as the world of social media moves from the realm of fun to profitable, more and more unique roles and ways to build a career are emerging.

So where do you begin in your quest to start your new business venture in the social media world? First, find a niche area that really jumps out at you. Do you enjoy long-term vision and planning? Content creation? Analytics? 

Companies and brands are searching for individuals who specialize in specific areas of digital marketing and social media. Once you choose an area to build your expertise in,it’s time to find the loopholes to learn and grow quickly – helping you stand out among the competition as an in-demand client! 

In social media marketing, mastering your skill can happen the long way, or the smart way. The key is to consider the fundamentals of the role you choose:

  1. Research the role 
  2. Develop a strategy:
    • Play the strategy out in your head and ask: Does this make sense?
  3. Do you understand branding and how it plays a role in consistency and messaging. 
  4. Editorial calendars help you plan your success
    • Think of your agenda in school – building content calendars is similar!
  5. Learn how to schedule posts.
    • For one or all the networks you think you might be managing.
  6. “Always Learning!”
    • If social media isn’t your passion or fun, you will struggle in making it a career path. 
  7. Plan your growth.
    • How long will it take you to be successful? 

Becoming A Social Media Manager (The Long Way

If you are excited about starting your own journey as a social media manager, the key to success can be found in learning the fundamentals of content creation, writing, and marketing. There are many ways that you can start the process of learning and putting expertise into action, such as:

  1. Consider a degree in communications or marketing
  2. Research industry tools, tech and the lingo
  3. Look for social media opportunities (help a friend or local business owner to build your portfolio) 
  4. Be comfortable working and learning on your own & Never stop learning!
  5. Find brands you admire, and follow them (what are they doing right and/or wrong) – Take notes
  6. Demonstrate time management & organization skills (make a badass spreadsheet) 
  7. Plan for greatness – using social media management planners. 

But in a world that is always moving, it can be hard to find the time to stop and earn a degree and work our way up the corporate ladder to earn a little bit of experience. What you truly need is to work smarter not longer – with the help of some unique courses, coaching, and resources. 

Using Social Media Management Courses (The Smart Way

As the social media marketing world continues to grow and evolve, it is vital that you begin to learn the industry basics and language in order to start building your online empire. 

But where do you being? There are a variety of online courses, books, and other resources available for you to start leaning into the digital marketing world and discovering what it takes to break into the industry.

One of the most valuable tools you can take advantage of is a social media marketing coach. A coach has the expertise and experience to help you learn, grow, and overcome the many roadblocks that can arise as you begin your new business. Whether using a coach or a course, you will learn how to jumpstart your career by learning:

  1. The importance of brand awareness across all social networks 
  2. The concept of lead generation and the value it brings to the business
  3. How to identify conversion-focused opportunities
  4. How to build social media groups from 0 to thousands
  5. How to identify your competitor’s weak points 
  6. Locating the right tools quicker with a coach or planned social media outline.
  7. Identify recommendations that will help you look like a rockstar quicker! (Like how social media can help supercharge other marketing channels. )

Sounds like a lot? Don’t fear – learning and mastering all of these areas and more is possible with the right resource! To help you get started, I created the Planning My Greatness planner. 


Created to be picked up and started at any point in the year – because inspiration for starting a life changing business can strike at any time – the Planning My Greatness planner will help you achieve success while working less. With 375 pages filled with done-for-you project management, marketing, and sales strategies, with checklists and memory joggers, this planner will help make the journey to your new digital marketing career a breeze!

Not quite ready to partner with a coach? No worries! To dip your toes into the world of becoming an online creator, check out Planning My Greatness! Not only will it give you a headstart, but it will keep you accountable through targeted, step-by-step guides to planning your new online venture!

Resources For Social Media Managers

So are you interested in starting a new career as an entry level social media professional? The opportunities for those who are willing to pick a specific direction and master their craft are endless as the medium continues to grow! 

In the social media world, the more you know the quicker you can grow. Growth doesn’t come all at once – but rather over time as you learn and master new skills and techniques. Whether you teach yourself, earn a digital marketing degree, or partner with a social media marketing coach, the key to success is commitment at the highest level! 

There are many great resources available for you to begin to teach yourself how to master the online social media realm, but those who want to learn the skills and techniques necessary to make an impact fast will work with an experienced mentor and coach.  

Let’s keep social!