These Facebook Marketing Strategies Will Help You Survive The Biggest Shift

While I was dancing and learning at Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, Facebook and Instagram collapsed.

I’m sure you were not the only one who found the weird message from Facebook and Instagram and thought it was just them. I personally thought I was in Facebook jail.



March 13 2019, the day of Facebook and Instagram went down for many hours, will have a different meaning for those of us in the digital marketing arena, especially for Facebook marketing agencies. Just a week later, their leadership team changed. They are in the middle of a federal investigation since last year so this outage doesn’t make them look any better.

It’s not relevant to discuss why I believe this is a political issue more than a tech and marketing issue (you can read the news here), but we should discuss what needs to be done today to align our social media marketing strategy with our business strategy.

What is the biggest shift in Facebook Marketing?

Facebook’s News Feed era is now officially over.

Just think for a second, NO FEEDS means the end of traditional advertising campaigns using a Facebook Ad that had a great image with a suggestive content to drive users to click to learn more.

Means NO flyers. NO suggestive messages that make you click for more info.

Means that you will reach out to those who matter to you.

I am assuming that you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and want to market either products or services.

I am assuming you want a Facebook strategy that is effective and relevant, considering all the current changes.

Here are 3 unmissable shifts you should consider implementing today

Shift #1: Don’t leave your customer acquisition on social networks.

Use Google more. If you haven’t started, activate your Google Search Console to analyze your online position. This will allow you to understand the types of content your audience really wants.

Shift #2: Craft a word of mouth marketing plan.

Spend time connecting with people who can introduce you to your ideal clients. Start with influencers. Write down your top 20 influencers and craft a joint-venture strategy.

Shift #3:  Craft a new Facebook strategy.

It’s time to export your Facebook analytics and explore in depth Facebook insights. Keep in mind, if you have no news feeds, you don’t have Facebook posts anymore. You will need a completely new Facebook marketing strategy and this includes boosting your content marketing.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have been a trend for the past 12 months. Recently, they removed the ability to add people automatically. If you don’t have a community, it’s time to start one.

Facebook Stories

If news feeds will be removed, this means that stories will be our MAIN source of communicating with our friends and followers. So, more gamification? More user-generated content. More focus on your email marketing and email lists.

Facebook videos

Marketing studies have confirmed that videos get 20 percent more clicks than images. As we are crafting a new Facebook marketing strategy, we need to take video marketing seriously.

In Closing

I don’t know if the news feeds will disappear next month, but I can assure you, social media marketing – the way you have learned from Youtube videos and blogs, WON’T WORK the same.

What if you didn’t have to figure all of this alone? 

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