How To Grow Your Social Media Followers Without Paying For Ads

Did you know your follower count has an impact on your visitors’ first impression of you?

They say you should not judge a book by its cover; but it’s inevitable. The number of followers displayed on your profile can either make people want to follow you or turn them off completely.

If you want a first impression advantage, you must have a plan to increase your follower count.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Followers?

Most people think that posting more content will result in more followers. Not quite! Followers don’t fall from the sky. Social media has nothing to do with Google search or any search.

If you want people to find and follow your profile, you need to focus on ways to grow your channel, combining tactics from the platform with some “guerilla marketing” so you can grow faster.

Best Tips To Grow Your Social Media Channels Today

1. Optimize your profile.

Your profile needs to be optimized to get the most traction. You should start with your first impression, keeping in mind that strangers will look you up and your goal is to inspire trust.

Make sure you complete all sections of your profile. Some platforms like LinkedIn won’t even share your account if your profile is not completed. 

2. Get branded headshots.

Branded headshots make you look like you mean business and are trustworthy. Invest in great new headshots and do an announcement! If you want to attract new followers, this is crucial.

3. Publish an “ask for recommendations” Facebook post.

Want instant engagement? Dedicate a post to asking your followers for recommendations on who else you should be following.

4. Share a “before and after” story.

Everyone loves to see these kinds of authentic journeys. Ask your current followers to share it and watch your reach grow.

5. Ask your current followers for help making new connections.

All you have to say is, “I’m looking to connect with ____. Who do you know who ____?”

6. Use your email list.

Start with your warm list and send a warm email to ask your connections for followers.

7. Make your email signature stand out.

This is a good way to draw attention to you/your brand. Link to your social media in the signature, too. Look at the example below for inspiration – it includes a picture, social media links, and even brand logos.

8. Post in different groups where you can reach people from your Avatars.

If you haven’t joined any social media groups yet, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to reach people in your audience.

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups are very popular. Instagram does not have groups; but you can still build a community using Hashtags to find conversations and Instagram Stories to engage with your followers and create the community experience.

9. Use your personal accounts to feature the other accounts you want to grow.

Promote your business accounts to your personal network – reach everyone you can!

10. Do a giveaway/contest.

Social media giveaways and contests are engagement magnets. Find a worthy prize and remember to require that all entrants follow you and tag a friend in the post comments.

What’s the Number One Social Media Manager-Approved Tip To Get More Followers on Instagram?

Remember, these are just tactics. You still need a social media marketing strategy in order to grow your followers, grow engagements, and grow your revenue mixing multiple accounts. In my opinion, this is where forensic marketing plays a role, as it helps us deciding where to focus.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile for Service-Based Professionals

Using Instagram to build connections is a great way to increase the power of your overall marketing strategy.

But to create inroads in this crowded platform, you’ll need an Instagram profile that lets interested parties find you, gives them value and shows off your skills.

How to Create a Winning Instagram Profile

Let’s walk you through the step-by-step formula for how to build an Instagram profile that gives your business the exposure you need on this busy social platform.

1. Build Your Bio

Step one is to create a bio that will not only show what your business does and how clients can find you but touch on your corporate culture and even prompt clients to take action.

Make sure your photo is clear and relevant and that your username and name are easily associated with your business.

This means avoiding initials and using your business name within your username if your business name is already in use by another entity.

Also, be sure to link your company website in your profile — it’s the only place on Instagram where you can link a website, so you won’t want to waste it.

2. Pick a Theme

Every Instagram account needs a theme that encompasses your posts. Some businesses scatter inspirational quotes or photos throughout. Others use ambient photography to send a message, and still, others have a color scheme or text style that makes their posts instantly recognizable and cohesive.

3. Content Mix and Frequency

To encourage your audience to trust and relate to you, you’ll want to craft a compelling brand story. To do this, think of your feed as a grid where you use every nine squares to tell a story.

In general, a good formula is 4:3:2.

That means you’ll create:

  • Fours posts that show added value for your clients.
  • Three posts to create strong client connections.
  • Two posts where you can promote yourself or your service.
  • Make sure you’re posting at regular intervals, too, so clients know that you’re active.

4. Highlights and Categories

Instagram story highlights let you save and group-specific content which will live on your Instagram profile until you remove them.

You can save them to customized categories on your feed, so they’ll be there to inspire — and promote — for you beyond the typically 24-hour story post.


Instagram TV lets you create and post videos for your followers. Best of all, you can post links and additional information with your videos for added marketing benefit.

For now, you must shoot your video from outside of the app and add it into your profile, but there are hints that in-app capabilities may be available later.

Putting it All Together for Real Results — Fast

With over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, this social media platform can help your business get the exposure you need to reach more clients, showcase your services, and increase your revenue.

Want to know more about how to use social media to skyrocket your marketing results?

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