Connections2020 Event Recap | 2020 Marketing Conference in ATX

Few individuals in the digital marketing world expected that the new decade would hold quite the surprises that it has offered so far. While online marketers are used to the pivot and shift of emerging tech adaptations, nobody imagined that a global pandemic would send the entire world online in a matter of days. 

This sudden shift toward digital sales and engagement for nearly every single business has created a tidal wave of opportunities for marketers to help companies survive and thrive in the new economy – and the Connections2020 Marketing Conference was ready to meet the need with high-impact teaching sessions and invaluable networking opportunities.

Connections2020 – held virtually October 8-9, 2020 – brought together many of Austin, Texas’s brightest and daring entrepreneurs for a two-day virtual conference. The goal? Help new and veteran leaders hone their marketing skills and uncover insights on building their business to meet the exponential need for online marketing. As a group that was already familiar with hosting online conferences, bringing together the digital marketing community to spend time together was a no-brainer!

A Hallmark In Hosting Virtual Events

Connections2020 showcased how businesses and organizations can host successful conferences in the digital space. Not only was Connections2020 dreamed up as a way to bring together online business owners who were missing community and engagement due to COVID-19 shutdowns, but the entire conference was also put together in just under 5 weeks! 

Jessica Campos presented featured topics that are part of Marketing For Greatness’ mentoring program, such as:

A group of speakers came up with the idea of partnering to host a series of talks and facilitate a dynamic learning experience. Forward-thinking companies such as Spectrum, Vcita, and Express Writers helped provide the resources necessary to equip and encourage marketing professionals in their trade in the midst of a difficult time. When many thought a digital conference with top-tier speakers couldn’t happen, we proved that it can.

We decided to set the bar for how a professional marketing conference can still happen, even in the middle of a global pandemic!

A New Way Of Lunch And Learn

For business owners who build their business by word of mouth advertising, the team behind Connections2020 sought to create a learning environment that helped these leaders raise the bar and reach clients in new, modernized ways.

Since lunch and learns, the traditional way, are limited, we decided to bring it all online, featuring leading marketing minds from across the industry.

Connections2020’s theme is word of mouth marketing.

This conference has 30+ talks on sales and marketing trends for small business owners, along with practical how-to’s, such as:

  1. Over the top advertising presented by Spectrum Reach.
  2. Why you should publish a book to build a brand, presented by Michael Bellomo.
  3. How to claim your influence by Sandra Dee Robinson.
  4. How to shop smart for health coverage by Emily Montgomery.
  5. Intensive SEO workshop by Alex Rodriguez.
  6. How to prepare proposals without stress by Reuben Swartz.
  7. 7 steps to write a talk by Dolores Hirshmann.
  8. Success 2 wealth by Brett Chotkevys.
  9. Digital tools to grow your bottom line by Vcita.
  10. How can content marketing build your audience by Julia McCoy.

And more…

Across a variety of topics and themes, business owners learned and put into practice the vital steps of taking their store from their physical location to Digital Main Street – where the future of commerce will happen.

Bringing together some of the most impressive marketing leaders, Connections2020 showcased some of the best ways to help business owners supercharge their reach and extend their influence in their markets.

Dynamic Learning

Can you really bring the fun of an in-person marketing conference to the online realm? Of course! At Connections2020, speakers and attendees were able to engage in new and creative ways. By taking a seat in the online room, viewers had a front-row seat with some of the most impressive marketing world names – allowing personal interaction in a digital coaching format. 

Outside the session, Connections2020 helped entrepreneurs across the spectrum meet and connect, building new connections, and breaking down the barriers that COVID-19 has built across the industry. Surprisingly, Connections2020 helped bring the digital marketing team closer than ever before!

The Benefit of Digital? You Can Still Attend Connections2020!

Wondering what makes an online conference the premier way to engage attendees? With every session recorded, individuals can attend Connections2020 whenever they want, in real-time!

Connections2020 will live on as a living-summit until December 31, 2020. This means that attendees can rewatch and experience the two incredible days of teaching whenever they want through the Connections2020 online portal.

Watch sessions, pause and take notes, and learn even more than you could through an in-person experience. Not only that, but viewers can interact with speakers through social media, take advantage of the number of freebies given away during the live event, and watch replays as much as they wish.

Grab your CEO Pass ($37) and join hundreds of business owners who are learning with us!

Announcing Live Events

We are currently planning more live events!

Make sure to follow us online to see more updates and information on upcoming events, and join our digital community – where you can take advantage of insights, tips, and tricks for being the most effective digital marketer you can be!

Speaking Opportunities

We are taking applications for speakers for our Connections2021. If you’re interested, send your suggested talk to