Why You’re Made For More: A Review of Rachel Hollis’ (Girl, Wash Your Face) Documentary

This review about Rachel Hollis’ documentary, Made For More, is for all my dear sisters out there, whether you’re a mom, an Austin entrepreneur, a mover, or a shaker.

That’s not to say guys can’t read and enjoy this, too, but fair warning: This is mostly a girl thing.

Who is Rachel Hollis?

I’m a little late for this party, I admit. I didn’t know about Rachel Hollis until a few months ago.

One of my friends read a very raw comment I posted on Facebook and told me that my content was inspirational and real, just like Rachel Hollis’. My first thought was, “Who?”

So, of course, I checked her out and immediately fell in love with what I saw and read about her. And, I’m definitely not alone: She has over one million followers on Facebook.

I think Rachel Hollis’ main appeal for me is the fact that she’s all about personal development, and I’m a personal development nerd. Anything that can help me become a better person, in life or business, is welcome.

On top of that, Rachel has a particular style that any woman, regardless of her background, can relate to – and that includes me.

Relating to Rachel Hollis: The Chaotic Life of an Austin Mompreneur

As a mom of 4 (ages 19, 10, 8, and 5) with 18+ years of experience as an Austin entrepreneur, “work-life balance” has always been a buzzword for me. When I saw Rachel Hollis sharing her real life, daily, with her followers – totally unapologetic about showing chaos and discussing personal issues, I could see why she has captivated such a huge, devoted audience.

I was hooked, too.

I downloaded Rachel’s mega-hit, Girl, Wash Your Face, and read it in a few days. In the book, she goes into more detail about her personal life and how she used her past to build the life she has now. She’s humble and blunt and calls things as they are, which I love, because I’m the same way. She even talks openly about her sex life.

The more I learned about Rachel Hollis, the more I loved her, so the next obvious step was to watch her documentary, Made For More.

Here’s my one-line review: You have to watch it.

For the longer version, I’m sharing the 6 takeaways and lessons I learned from this amazing documentary.

6 Major Life Lessons from Rachel Hollis’ Made For More, the Documentary

Made For More is a documentary based on Rachel’s two-day conference where she helps people embrace their past and create a simple-to-follow blueprint to design their lives the way they want to live them.

The way it was filmed reminded me of Tony Robbins’ I Am Not Your Guru. Similarly, Made For More gives a backstage look at how Rachel inspires and empowers her female audience.

This is a powerful movie that works as a personal growth tool, and I’m sure each of us will gain something slightly different from this uplifting documentary. Below, I’ll tell you the things I consider my “golden nuggets”, but you’ll have to watch it for yourself to glean your own golden nuggets.

Here is my take:

1. Girl, The Struggle with Weight is Real

It’s time to get vulnerable, so stay with me.

I have a love/hate relationship with my physical presence. I’ve always been large, except for a season in my life when I represented P90x and Beachbody brand. (See my video from when I was a size 4 and reached the rank of 15 Stars Diamond with Beachbody.)

I have done plastic surgery twice, but that was before having my last 3 kids. (In other words, I wasted my money!) That alone is evidence of the level of discomfort I’ve had with my body. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been on a diet since kindergarten.

I grew up with an incredible shame of my body:

  • Not wearing shorts because I have always hated my legs.
  • Never wearing a swimsuit without a cover-up.
  • Enduring being called names like “gorda” my entire life. And no, this was not a taunt coined by kids my age, my mom called me this.

(I will never forget the time when I wanted to enroll in dance lessons and she said “no” because the leotards would show my big belly. Ouch. Did you feel that punch in your face, too?)

After doing a lot of work, I have reached a point where I don’t hate my body. In fact, I’ve learned to accept it, love it, and focus on personal fulfillment rather than my size or weight. I am not defined by a tag, or a number on the scale, or the infamous measuring tape.

The problem now? I can’t get myself into dieting anymore. I do CrossFit five to six times a week, but my eating habits are off the charts. I am overweight (let’s not mention the word “obese”), but I am healthy and energized, too.

As you can see, self-image and health are constant struggles for me. I love my body but feel like I should be more engaged with the idea of shedding some pounds. Does this make sense?

Made For More opened my eyes to some startling truths:

  • Our health is a fundamental component of our ultimate success.
  • Health is not about size or any particular number.
  • If you can do something for 30 days, you can do it forever.
  • You cannot control what happens in your life, but you CAN control what you DO about it. I realized that I have an emotional eating disorder. Yep. I said it. I eat my stress and the conversations that I don’t have.
  • Being overweight can be a symptom of a bigger problem. (Aha!)

2. Girl, You Can’t Eat Your Feelings

One day, over a glass of wine, we will talk more about the challenges I’ve had – particularly the ones concerning my oldest daughter over the last two years. But here’s what I recently realized: Instead of dealing with this issue, I’ve been eating it.

I’ve been eating my feelings. My stress. My anxiety. The concerns that I have about her. The long nights waiting for her to come back home, praying that she doesn’t get into an accident or get in trouble with the cops. Yeah… it’s bad, sister. I’m not blaming my daughter, but I realized that I’ve been eating this problem.

Emotional eating is very common. However, when you cope via eating over and over, you can’t seem to stop, and you even choke on food because of how fast you eat – that’s called binge eating disorder, which can be a lot more serious.

Eating disorders (other forms of self-harm) are a reflection of a much deeper problem, period.

I’m glad I watched Made For More because it inspired me to be transparent with myself. Yes, I love my body as-is. But yes, I am eating my feelings. I hope you can appreciate this transparency, my sister.

3. Girl, You Must Have a Full Cup

I’m sure you have heard this before, but here is a reminder, “You can’t pour into others from an empty cup.”

In the movie, I love how Rachel explained this concept using a practical fact: A full vase floats!

Actually, try this the next time you’re at the pool. Bring your glass of wine and check how it floats! When the glass is empty, it shakes, then water comes in and it drowns. However, when the glass is full of wine, it balances!

Fact: Our lives can only have equilibrium when we are fulfilled.

There is no need to seek balance. It happens naturally when we have a full cup! The question is, how do you get your cup full?

  • You make peace with your physical presence (your body).
  • Clean up your space! Your room, your car, your messy drawer (I’m sure you have one too).
  • Find things that spark joy (for me, it’s music).
  • Remove yourself from toxic people.
  • Plan your day ahead (get a cool journal).
  • You keep your big dreams in check, weekly!
  • Make your own list!

Do you see how all of this integrates? I love teaching marketing, but watching this movie made me realized how much I also love teaching how to live the life of your dreams – because I live it, daily!

Again, not the perfect life. I live a real life. With struggles, with issues, but also with big wins!

4. Girl, You Must Have a Tribe and a Mentor

Another big takeaway from Made For More: We are the result of the five people we spend the most time with.

Last year, much of my time was spent serving my local community and Austin entrepreneurs – a part of my tribe. I am so proud of our Society of Professionals & Entrepreneurs. We are over 2,200 strong and growing! 

However, if you’re the one who is always giving and never receiving, you should consider a new circle of influence. And, if you don’t have a mentor, find one!

As a matter of fact, if this blog is helping you, then technically I am mentoring you right now. A mentor isn’t necessarily someone you hire. Rachel says you can receive mentorship via free content, which is so true.

I want more of this! I want to serve and connect deeply with my tribe more.

5. Girl, Sometimes You Just Need Confirmation

I’m so inspired by this movie. Seeing how Rachel connects with her audience and helps them really moved me. It made me realize supporting Austin entrepreneurs is my passion, too. This year, I’m making a point to promote our Inner Circle and services more.

I’ve always believed in the power of a tribe, but this movie ignited even bigger dreams in me. Sometimes all you need is confirmation. The tears I cried while watching this film were evidence that I got what I needed!

8. Girl, You’re Not Alone

More than anything, Rachel Hollis and Made For More have made me hungry for community. I want to meet more people, have more conversations, and connect more.

Most of all, I want YOU to know you’re not alone.

Calling All Austin Entrepreneurs and Made For More Fans!

So, let’s continue the conversation. Whether or not you’re an Austin entrepreneur, I would love to have a coffee and connect with you – sooner rather than later!

If you’re up to it, get in touch with me. Or, check my Facebook live and leave me a comment there. After all, we’re in this together!