When paying it forward goes right! – Spectrum Reach Exclusive

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When paying it forward goes right! – Spectrum Reach Exclusive

Spectrum Reach, Charter Communications’ advertising sales unit, has launched a national campaign committing $50 million in media, resources, and creative services to help businesses reach and engage multicultural audiences. Marketing For Greatness was selected as the official partner of the “Pay it Forward” program and we are proud to announce the lucky winners!
Spectrum Reach | Pay it Forward | Marketing for Greatness

If you’re looking for a great place to start a business, you can’t go wrong with Austin. The city has a thriving startup scene, and it just got a little bit more supportive. Spectrum Reach, Charter Communications’ advertising sales unit, has launched a national campaign committing $50 million in media, resources, and creative services to help businesses reach and engage multicultural audiences. Marketing For Greatness was selected as the official partner of the “Pay it Forward” program and we are proud to announce the lucky winners! 


To learn more about the Pay it Forward Campaign click here


Austin Professionals & Entrepreneurs Applied To Win $15,000 in Marketing Grants


As the leader of the Austin Professionals & Entrepreneurs Network – Austin’s fastest growing happy hour for business owners- I was thrilled to share this opportunity and make a bigger impact in our community. I know that givers gain and nothing fuels me more than seeing hard-working business owners getting a bit of help to promote their business. Plus, who doesn’t love a generous marketing grant?


Spectrum Reach


Our members are amazing and I feel grateful to be able to connect them with resources that will help them grow their businesses. 


How To Win Spectrum’s Pay It Forward Marketing Grant


When it comes to making a difference in the community, small businesses are the unsung heroes. They are the backbone of the local economy, providing much-needed goods and services while also supporting the community through their involvement. However, they often don’t have the same platform as larger businesses and organizations, making it difficult for their voices to be heard.


This initiative was created with small business owners in mind. 


It provides them with an opportunity to amplify their voices and share their stories. The grant application had questions about their impact, such as how their business would benefit from this program and any examples of community involvement. Winners were selected based on their story and mission; not on their size.


Who Won Spectrum’s Pay It Forward Award This Year?


As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. And that was certainly the case when Spectrum held its latest round of grant giveaways. We had expected to award a single $15,000 grant to one business in the state. But when the dust settled, we were surprised to find that there were multiple award winners! The winners were:


Austin Breast Imaging– recipient of a $15K advertising grant!


Austin Breast Imaging is a breast-health facility in Austin. They give patients peace of mind with dedicated breast radiologists, state-of-the-art technology, and a peaceful spa-like environment to create a less stressful experience. Their sole focus is the breast health of their community!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Crescent House – recipient of a $15K advertising grant!


Crescent House is a locally owned and operated furniture store that offers quality pieces for every home.  From the moment you walk into their location, you will see and feel the difference. They believe in upcycling, reusing, and repurposing as much as possible. as well as supporting USA-based furniture artisans. Crescent House is an active member of our community and giving back is important to them as a company. As a company, they support several local charities and organizations. 


Bright SpOT Pediatric Therapy – recipient of a $15K advertising grant!


Bright SpOT Pediatric Therapy is a mobile outpatient pediatric therapy practice. It’s mission is to provide occupational and speech therapy services to children from 0-21 years of age. They love making connections with people and proudly serve children within their community!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Vincent’s On The Lake– recipient of a $15K advertising grant!


Vincent’s On The Lake is a waterfront restaurant, bar, and live music venue, located at the beautiful Emerald Point Marina. They love to bring joy to their local community by hosting events and providing entertainment!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


EP Concrete & Construction – recipient of a $15K advertising grant!


EP Concrete & Construction is a locally owned and operated company that offers a one stop shop for all your commercial and residential concrete needs. Their driving force is customer satisfaction and they are dedicated to giving back to their local community.


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Taylored Eye Photography– recipient of a $10K advertising grant!


Taylored Eye Photography is a locally owned and individually run photography studio, specializing in weddings, engagements, and family portraits. They believe in giving back to their community by offering photoshoots for local organizations such as the Austin Lions Club. They love to help families in the community create memories while showing off their true selves!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Texas Garage Gym Builders– recipient of a $10K advertising grant!


Texas Garage Gym Builders is a locally-owned fitness outfitter, specializing in residential, commercial, and outdoor gyms in Texas. They sell equipment and design, install, and transform spaces into the health and fitness havens at their clients’ homes or offices. They are passionate about the community and strive to help improve their client’s quality of life!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Ethereal Gift Collective – recipient of a $10K advertising grant!


Ethereal Gift Collective is a female-led collective made up of 16 local makers, located near the Arboretum. They hold workshops, new mother support in the form of Doula partnerships, art and jewelry classes, candle-making classes, and more. They hold clothing swaps to assist with upcycling and saving money within the community. They LOVE to make a difference in the community in any way they can!


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


VETTED Kitchens– recipient of a $10K advertising grant!


VETTED Kitchens is a catering company specializing in custom menus for any occasion. They help with local faith-based communities, veteran service organizations, and they provide food and quality hospitality to corporate events. VETTED Kitchens believes in building local communities by bringing resources and families together through collaboration, as well as, working to inspire and create fellowship within their community.


Spectrum Reach - Pay it forward


Fall in line Construction– recipient of a $10K advertising grant!


Fall in line Construction is a veteran-owned business, specializing in roofing. They believe in supporting veteran-owned companies,  conducting highway cleanups, offering veteran discounts, and offering resources to those in need. They love to serve their clients personally and pride themselves in quality over quantity.


We can’t wait to see what they do with their new commercials! Thanks to Spectrum, the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” has never been more true!


Celebrating The Winners


The Pay it Forward campaign ended with a big celebration where business owners came together for a happy hour and were able to celebrate the winners.

Each business will get a free commercial, three months of air time, access to marketing experts, and exclusive resources from Spectrum Reach.


About Marketing For Greatness | MFG-SEO Agency


We believe that the landscape of online marketing has changed tremendously after the pandemic. Businesses need to find out-of-the-box ways to reach potential buyers. Winning customers is not too much about winning their money; but winning their loyalty. Consumers want to support -not just a product- but a purpose-driven cause. Businesses should humanize their brands and lead with stories that can make them relatable. We encourage all business owners to level up, both, digital and local footprint.


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The LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need To Know Today

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The LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need To Know Today

Brands are prioritizing LinkedIn more than ever. As Facebook (now Meta) rolled up their announcements for their main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, users felt overwhelmed by the rapid changes. …

LinkedIn is a platform that focuses more on the professional industry. While most social media sites focus on personal communication and causal interactions, LinkedIn highlights various businesses’ professional opportunities and learning aspects. 

The target audience of LinkedIn is completely different. You will find two primary groups of audiences on the site. One is the hustlers, who started operating in the professional world and are looking for growth opportunities. The second group consists of successful content creators looking for new talents and individuals to become a part of their business. 

The site is currently very popular, with over 800 million users globally. It started operating as early as 2002 and quickly became one of the most in-demand sites for professionals. Most people looking for professional openings, connections, and interactions look towards LinkedIn to provide the exposure they need to grow. 

Linkedin’s Environment

The one thing that sets LinkedIn apart from all other social media accounts is its objective and environment. While most of the social media apps focus more on showing the personal aspect of users and helping them communicate, LinkedIn works differently. 

You will not find a plethora of selfies, long captions, or personal rants of people about their lives. Instead, the platforms allow users to interact professionally, showcase their skills and achievements, and provide feedback about their experience with businesses. 

People are now using the platform to maintain their brand recognition, apply for job openings, hire more individuals, expand business value, etc. The “Connect” feature on the site also lets professionals from similar or different industries interact and connect. 

You may even find businesses reaching out to professionals with robust opportunities and growth. Brand building is a great tool that most professional advertising, marketing, and insurance agencies use on-site. 

Linkedin Is Priority 

Brands are prioritizing LinkedIn more than ever. As Facebook (now Meta) rolled up their announcements for their main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, users felt overwhelmed by the rapid changes.

LinkedIn leaders have shared some important insights that truly matter when crafting a LinkedIn strategy for 2022. 

“There was a time when B2B marketers could tap into B2C lookalike approaches to drive campaign success, but those days are over. Marketers must re-imagine everything, from the products they use, to how they reach their audiences, to what campaign success means. 

This is uncharted territory. The brands that win — that redefine the future of B2B digital advertising — will be the ones that are nimble and quick to test and iterate. 

Tomorrow’s successful marketers will never look back and plow forward, knowing that, although the future will never look the same, it will look much more successful than ever. 

The future is built on privacy, understanding buying groups, and mining the insights to effectively evaluate the buying signals to drive effective B2B marketing campaigns.”

We are excited to see LinkedIn putting so much stress on their groups. They probably understand that large-scale audience interaction is the best way to market on LinkedIn and can result in more profits, a better fan base, and improved overall results. 

Organic Growth 

LinkedIn offers an additional element to the content you create and post on the platform. This allows the crawler to easily locate your content and rank it much higher in results than other LinkedIn profiles and information listed on the platform.

Brands can still do the same using a blog, but that is quite expensive for most businesses. Therefore, they need to stick to basics to keep things streamlined. Users can also utilize LinkedIn articles, as they are good for building brand reputation, awareness, and creating brand recognition.

Linkedin Videos 

Linkedin Videos are becoming increasingly popular because of the increased demand and marketing benefits that LinkedIn recognizes. These videos offer better audience engagement, marketing results, and overall improved business ventures. It is why other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram also started creating video content through reels in 2020. TikTok, on the other hand, is a full video marketing platform with millions of users.

For instance, statistics reveal that using video and audio content on LinkedIn pages is important to 85% of the users on the platform. 

Similarly, people have watched over 16 hours worth of long videos on the platform in recent times. Experts indicate that this number could soon increase drastically. 

Even YouTube claims that users watch nearly one billion videos daily, which will increase over time. 

Wyzowl’s 2020 report has also declared Linked In as one of the most powerful platforms for video content marketing. 


 Several statistics also indicate the similar importance of this video content online.

  • For example, 90% of the users believe that a video featuring a product helps meet the requirements of nearly all major businesses.

  • Similarly, nearly 84% of the consumers are okay with investing in a product or service after watching its video. 

  • Even professional marketers recognize the impact of video content and claim that it has helped boost their site traffic up to an 83%.

  • However, a wide majority of the users are also picky with the kind of video marketing they see. For instance, nearly 73% of the users prefer “entertaining” videos over traditional marketing videos.

LinkedIn Stories: Why they failed

As mentioned before, LinkedIn is a different platform compared to other conventional social media sites. LinkedIn tried to add stories into its accounts to make it more like the other apps and add features. 

While this feature worked for most social media apps, LinkedIn did not experience the same. The main reason was that the audiences did not use the feature enough, taking up unnecessary space. People prefer adding professional, and quality content on their LinkedIn accounts only instead of posting medium-quality content. 

The idea of adding Video stories on top of the platform made it feel alienated and did not get the response it expected. Therefore, the story trend did not fit with the LinkedIn account.

However, LinkedIn is working on alternative features that allow a more interactive environment for the users and keep their businesses running. 

What Are They Working On?

LinkedIn is now experimenting with new potential features to add more value to its site. While the site has good response rates, they need something new to keep the organic traffic engaged. Many brands and companies are talking about a Club House feature, including Instagram, Facebook, Slack, Spotify, etc. 

Similarly, according to recent statements, LinkedIn is working on its audio networking feature. LinkedIn will stick to Beta Testing for now, but we expect this feature to appear for other users soon. Like another platform, LinkedIn’s version of the feature will probably include the stage of the speaker’s front, a center, and a list of people in the audience lower down the screen.

It is now introducing other features like New Creator Mode, a Club House-like feature, which is a natural fit. 

Additionally, there are several powerful tools on the platform that most professionals miss out on. These features include the following:

  • Restricting your connection visibility

  • Private mode profile view

  • Showcase pages to segment your audience

  • Save searches

  • Sending messages without connecting

  • Meeting and interview scheduling, etc.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a powerful professional tool which can unlock a plethora of opportunities for aspiring professionals in their relevant industries. Several developments and new trends in the application can help you improve your organic traffic and get professional growth easily. We suggest you reach out to us for more information on LinkedIn Marketing trends for your profile today.

The 3 Best B2B LinkedIn Strategies To Generate Leads Using Brand Hashtags

Would you believe me if I told you that by using hashtags on LinkedIn, you can reach a wider and targeted audience? Today, I’m going to be highlighting the best strategies using LinkedIn hashtags to grow your audience, especially if your goal is to generate B2b leads or if you’re following a consultative selling model.

If you already use LinkedIn to grow your network, then you know that it’s a powerful tool to create your brand using organic marketing strategies, such as referral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. You might be experiencing a much better engagement and for sure, better conversations. Now it’s time to get your profile a boost so you can have even more smart conversations and expand your network.  How?

LinkedIn Hashtags are powerful profile boosters. I’m glad you’re here because I’m going to cover 3 simple ways you can generate leads using brand hashtags. 

The Pillars of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Before you start using brand hashtags, you have to make sure that you have a strong brand identity upon which you implement your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. 

Here are the basics: 

  • ✔️Clarity on your brand

Before you do anything, ask yourself, “What do I want to be found for?” Simply stated, what do you want to be known for? What type of leads do you want to attract? Your brand will set you apart from everyone else on LinkedIn. The clearer you get about your company, the more effectively you can apply various marketing strategies. 

  • ✔️ Develop a powerful profile to build trust and influence with key decision-makers

Once your target audience or relevant network connections visit your LinkedIn profile, you have an instant to hook them to keep reading. You want to make sure that you have a professional headshot, a powerful headline, and a profile summary that’ll speak to your target clients and audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to use the available marketing space to highlight, address, and showcase what your brand represents. And if you’re struggling with writing your profile summary, it’s an opportunity to get even more clarity around your brand.

  • ✔️ Use bullet points on your LinkedIn Summary to make it easy to read

You have exactly six seconds to make a long-lasting first impression on your LinkedIn account. Whether your profile is a company page, or you’re using your account for a job search, the fact of the matter is, first impressions are everything. When you’re crafting your summary, make your content easy to read. Using bullet points rather than long-winded paragraphs can make a difference in whether or not your target audience takes action on making a connection with you. 

  • ✔️ Content strategically designed based on the needs of your target audience, especially if your goal is to generate B2b leads

When it comes to your content, it would be better for it not to be boring. If you know who your target audience is, then get creative. 

You’ve already done the legwork to really understand who your audience is. Speak them directly. Mix up your content with videos, links, and PDF’s so people feel like they’re reading a really educational or entertaining magazine. More importantly, don’t forget to ask questions and keep your tone conversational. You want to keep your audience engaged and looking to YOU as someone who as a reliable resource. 

  • ✔️ Share updates and articles with a consistent visual identity that makes people easy to recognize your name and your expertise

Regardless of the content, you are putting out into LinkedIn, whether it’s a post, or a newsletter, or a video, be sure to keep everything on-brand. You want people to recognize your name with your brand and the other way around. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have a consistent visual identity.

Create templates to share your content with consistency. Now, don’t just share any content. Make sure to generate content that is rich, shareable, and positions you as an expert in the field. 

Pro tip: take some time to explore what other experts in your industry are sharing and the kind of results they are getting. Don’t invent the wheel!

Once you have your Linkedin Marketing strategy in place, it’s time to gain visibility. That’s when hashtags come handy.

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn?

If you’re a pro at using hashtags, great job! But if you’ve always wanted to use hashtags but have no idea what they’re for, I’ve got your back.

Hashtags help categorize the content. They also help users find content on specific topics. Whichever social network to choose to use, hashtags will help you get noticed by users that you’re not yet connected to.

You’ll use hashtags like you would on any social networking site. Think about things you’re most interested, or are most relevant to your audience. Use your search bar on any social media platform, and allow it to populate the most recent articles, conversations, and media surrounding specific topics. LinkedIn has a very similar feature for you to be able to do the same type of search so you can strategically engage with your audience and other relevant connections.

Ready to learn just how easy it is to leverage hashtags on LinkedIn? 

Keep reading.

How To Get More B2B Leads Spending Less Time on LinkedIn Marketing?

Strategy 1: Setup your Hashtag Page. 

LinkedIn has a Your Communities feature on the left-hand side of your LinkedIn feed. It’s now super simple for you to search, manage and add hashtags that you want to be more involved in. It’s a great way to monitor topics that you are interested in, and then jump in to those conversations so you can add value, make connections, and really take advantage of the community aspect of LinkedIn. 

If you have absolutely no clue which hashtags are most relevant for your audience, we love to use http://displaypurposes.com which is a time-saving tool to generate hashtags. 

Why do you want to look for industry-specific hashtags?

You want to make sure you’re generating content that people want to read and share. You’re in business to provide solutions. In order to know what your clients’ needs are, you have to get in their head. Using hashtags and being a part of or witness to specific conversations, are crucial in generating those leads on Linked In. 

The more your content aligns with your audience, the more people will share your content. This consistent sharing will lead to you having more authority in your field, especially in front of decision-makers.

Following industry-specific hashtags will be your next step to leverage this tool to get your LinkedIn profile discoverable

There are a few ways to find new hashtags to follow:

  1. Click on a hashtag that you’re interested in from your feed and click on the Follow button at the top of the page, under the hashtag name.
  2. Enter the hashtag you’d like to find in the Search bar at the top of the page. For example: #TimeManagement
    1. Clicking on a hashtag will take you to the hashtag’s feed where you can see content related to the hashtag topic.
    2. You can also click See all results for “#hashtag” from the search dropdown menu and then select Content from the top left of the page, below the search bar, to view posts that mention the hashtag.
  3. Click Discover more under Followed Hashtags on the bottom of the left rail on your LinkedIn homepage to see a recommended list of popular hashtags related to the hashtags you follow.
  4. Click the  More icon on a post that interests you and click  Improve my feed to get a list of recommended hashtags to follow.
  5. Click the  My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and scroll to the bottom to see hashtags trending in your network.

For each method, click the Follow button to follow the hashtag.

Once you’ve followed a hashtag, you’ll be able to manage it from your LinkedIn homepage.

To manage the hashtags you follow:

  1. Click Show more under Followed Hashtags on the bottom of the left rail of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click See all at the bottom of the list of hashtags.
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If you’d like to unfollow a hashtag, click Following below the hashtag you’d like to unfollow. If you change your mind, click  Follow to begin following the hashtag again.

Strategy 2: Create Industry Expert Posts And Add Hashtags 

Using content marketing tools, such as https://buzzsumo.com and SEMRush, find long phrases in the question format. You don’t need to invent topics to write about. Instead, find topics that your target audience is already searching and create content around it.

At the end of your post, add up to 5 hashtags. This will give you visibility when people search for those keywords. The same strategy applies to LinkedIn articles. When you write your article, be sure to add hashtags at the end and share it via post, and add another set of hashtags (up to 5).

Why is important to add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts and articles?

When you create an update to share with your network from your LinkedIn homepage, you can add your own hashtag by typing # and the word or phrase directly in your post. You can also click on # Add hashtag at the bottom of the share box and type your desired hashtag. Recommended hashtags will automatically be suggested when you compose your hashtag.

You want your content to be “pinned” under the Hashtag page. You also want your audience to comment on your posts and articles. This activates the LinkedIn Algorithm. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn prioritizes content based on relevancy and will make it easier for your target audience to find you. The beauty of the LinkedIn algorithm is that as long as your content is engaging and keeps performing well, it’ll stay at the top of the feed.

Using hashtags gives you up to 4x more views

I’ve noticed more and more the difference between posts with hashtags versus the ones I add hashtags. Using hashtags can give you up to 4 times more visibility.  See these 2 images, one without hashtags got 59 views and the one with just 2 hashtags got 243 views. 

Notice that this image just got 59 views. No hashtag was added. However, check the next one with just 2 #s.

The goal with this strategy is not just to give you visibility, but to position yourself as an authority. For this reason, your content will be specifically related to your industry, positioning you as the expert. 

Where to start generating expert-content ideas?

Let’s say you are an expert in corporate responsibility (like my amazing friend Linda Lattimore is). Using just Google Search you will be able to generate ideas, based on what people are already searching.

If Linda wanted to generate ideas for her LinkedIn content, I would suggest her to write an article using the long tail keyword “corporate responsibility examples”.  Long-tail keyword means that you will use the entire phrase, as is. So, her title will be, for example, 6 Corporate Responsibility Examples That Will Increase Your Revenue by 400%. By doing further research, Linda will be able to generate even more ideas. So her LinkedIn will show her as the expert on the corporate responsibility field (as she already is).

A pro tip for hashtags: if there is a trending hashtag, use it and you will notice even more visibility! 

Strategy 3: Engage With Hashtags’ Followers 

There are so many ways to engage with prospective leads. One of the most personalized ways to do so if to search for a specific hashtag, and identify the profiles who are using the same trending hashtag. Once you’ve identified similar accounts who are interested in similar content, you can reach out to them with a personalized message, thus building a foundation that can lead just about anywhere.

The Golden Rule To Get Even More Engagement on LinkedIn?

When you’re leaving a comment under a post from a stranger, make sure you take the time to let them know where you saw them and leave a comment with substance. Don’t just write “great article, thanks”. This will make you sound like an automated post and you want to avoid it.

Don’t be afraid to add that extra personal touch. When you find someone that you click with or share similar interests with, make the first move!  You will notice how your audience will be more receptive to receive the message since it won’t sound like a canned response.

No Time For Experimenting With Your Future Best Leads?

Think about LinkedIn marketing as going to the gym. It’s a multi-step process instead of a quick-rich formula. With some guidance, you can make this a real revenue-generating engine. Let’s chat to see if we can help you! Take the next step and learn about our LinkedIn Marketing strategy. If you’re in Austin, I love doing LinkedIn Marketing strategy sessions in Austin!