How To Add A Link To Instagram Story (Instagram Swipe up)

Wondering how to add a link to Instagram Story (or what in the world an Instagram Story is)?

This article will be your life savior!

The short and simple definition: it’s a near perfect match to the increasingly popular Snapchat stories function. Let me guess… you’re not the master Snapchat user. (No wonder you don’t know what’s a story and why stories are so popular.)

Stories only last for 24 hours and if you want to keep them, you can use stories highlights. Those are the fancy circles that you see in some profiles. You can use them to save your Instagram story links as collections.

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Where is everything?

If your profile is public, so are your stories, so if the people you follow have public profiles then that means their story will appear on top of your Instagram feed in little circles. It looks pretty, FYI.

How do I post my own Instagram story?

From your home menu, you will see a camera icon at the top. Once you do it, then a screen that activates your camera. Don’t worry, it’s not automatic so don’t panic.

You can write over your story, make the writing different colors and even go wild and make it look like lights. Fancy.

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Be prepared to spend time learning the many new features, as Instagram keeps adding more creative gadgets (similar to what Snapchat does).

How can I view my own story?

The same way you would look at someone else, go onto your profile and click on your profile picture to see your own.

You can also view your insights.

What if you’re not sure about your personal branding?

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Can I hide my stories from people?

You sure can – go onto your Instagram account settings and click ‘story settings,’ then ‘hide story from.’ The rest is pretty self-explanatory, just write the name of the person you want to hide your stories from.

Can I save my stories?

Of course, you can. Press the three little dots on the right-hand bottom corner, then click ‘save photo.’ You can also share it to your Instagram feed if you want. Fancy!

Can I see how many people have watched it?

Again, yes. When watching your own story, at the bottom a number will appear with the number of views it’s had. You can swipe this up to see what people have watched. Sneaky!

How To Add A Link To Instagram Story? How to add swipe up?

If you have over 10,000 followers or if you have a verified account, you have an incredibly effective tool at your disposal — the swipe up link. This will allow you to add a clickable link on every story, which is great because Instagram only allows you to share one link (in your bio).

I saved this quick tutorial so you can see directly from the app how to add a picture or video, how to add your link, where are the features to tag or mention other brands, and there is a bonus at the end!

How do I create branded Instagram Stories template using Over? (Watch this video)

I feel like a broken record! You need to get your 10,000 Instagram followers as soon as possible. Of course, if you’re a business profile.

Using the swipe up feature (once you have your 10,000 followers) you can add a call to action to every story. Your instagram strategy will allow you to get more leads and unique sales opportunities.

Stories are a great fit to post exciting content regarding a new product, service, or event, and then encourage those users to “swipe up for details.” You can link a blog post or videos from your Youtube channel.

Note: if you just got your 10,000 followers and click the link icon and nothing happens, please note that it might take a couple of hours to get active.

Instagram Stories Polls

If you’re looking to engage with your audience and grab their attention, Instagram polling features are a great way to stop your followers from swiping past your story!

Instagram Stories polls not only grab your audience’s attention, but they also create an opportunity to hear directly from your followers and customers.

Use Instagram Stories Polls to Learn More About Your Audience

One of the easiest ways to get to know your followers (and get them talking) is to simply start asking questions!

Your poll results will reveal your followers’ likes, dislikes and what they’d like to see more of from your account.

So now you know all about the swipe up!

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Why You Need 10,000 Instagram Followers (and How to Get Them)

There are over 1 billion people using Instagram, so every business should have an Instagram profile to increase their exposure.

But the problem is, you’re only allowed one measly link in your bio to a website. Just one.


Unless you can unlock the “swipe up” feature. The “swipe up” gives you the power to embed any link in your Instagram stories.

But the catch is, you have to hit 10,000 followers first.

How to Get More Instagram Followers Quickly

There are lots of ways to grow your Instagram account organically, with a modicum of effort. Let’s look at some of the most common — and effective — ways.

1. Cooperate with Your Community

Collaboration is huge on Instagram because this platform functions like a community. You can create private groups with other influencers in your industry to boost the performance of your posts and theirs. And, you can use Instagram story shout-outs to give your collaborators — and yourself — a nice boost of exposure.

2. Reach Out to Ideal Clients

You’re a part of the Instagram community, so you’re welcome to send a direct message (DM) to people you determine are your ideal followers any time.

You don’t have to (nor should you) sell them on your business or service. Just be real. Ask questions about pain points or offer to help.

This can turn up valuable information that can help you fine-tune your marketing to make deeper connections.


3. Skyrocket Your Stories

Make the most of your Instagram stories by offering shareable content, simple shareable templates followers can fill out, or a branded hashtag to host a giveaway.

Giving away usable goodies on Instagram helps followers see — and share — the value you’re providing.

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4. Consider Instagram Ads

Okay, this last suggestion isn’t organic, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re trying to gain 10,000 Instagram followers to unlock the “swipe up” function!

Instagram ads require a tiny investment and a lot of creativity to boost likes and follows and get your profile noticed.

Ads can take many formats, including stories, video, carousel, collection, or simple photos.

You’ve Got Swipe Up — Now What?

Once you’ve got this function, you can use it to drive engagement in a number of ways.

Here are some clever ways to link customers to you using Instagram swipes:

  1. A newsletter sign-up page
  2. Your company blog
  3. Your YouTube channel
  4. A product demo
  5. A product category
  6. A special sale
  7. A contest
  8. A reservation page
  9. Instagram giveaway

How creative you get — and what type of page you link to — will be governed by your corporate culture, your business’ voice, and your marketing goals.

Just remember, the more value you can bring to potential clients, the more likely they are to have a deep emotional connection with your brand.

And that connection is what makes prospects into clients, clients into loyal fans, and increases your revenue.

Want to know more about how to leverage the power of Instagram to improve your marketing results?

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