The Case Of Why You Should Create An Online Course (One That Sells)

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The Case Of Why You Should Create An Online Course (One That Sells)

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a profitable online course.

No matter where you are in your life or career, you have something to teach the world. Perhaps you don’t have all the details today, but the idea of not having to sell your time to make money is getting you curious.


And, you’re not alone. A recent study showed that nearly 60% of Americans would take an online course if it fits their schedule and interests, but only 10% have actually done so.

Assuming you have the time and interest in creating an online course, let’s explore the case for why this is a great


The pros of creating an online course


1 – The barriers to entry are low.

In the past, creating an online course required expensive software and hosting platforms. But now, there are platforms like Teachable that make it easy and affordable to get started. You can create and host your course on their platform without any upfront costs.


2 – You can reach a global audience.

With an online course, you can reach people all over the world. You’re not limited by geographic location like you are with in-person courses or events.


3 – There are existing ecosystems that will help you reach the audience and sell your course.

Platforms like Teachable have built-in audiences of people who are looking to learn. And, they also handle all of the marketing and payment processing for you. This means that you can focus on creating great content for your course.


4 – The upcoming generations are very receptive to learning online.

If you’re thinking that online courses are a fad, think again. The latest data shows that e-learning is here to stay. In fact, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.


Who learns online?


Data shows that people of all ages are learning online. In fact, according to the latest data from the US Department of Education, over 6 million students took at least one online course in 2016.


The breakdown by age group is as follows:


– Under 18: 2.6 million students (17%)

– 18-24: 3.1 million students (20%)

– 25-34: 1.6 million students (10%)

– 35-44: 1.2 million students (8%)

– 45-54: 0.9 million students (6%)

– 55 and older: 1.0 million students (7%)


All of the above reasons should be getting you excited about creating an online course, but there’s one more important factor to consider…


5 – It’s highly profitable.

While the average American worker makes $44,564 per year, the top 1% of course creators are making over $200,000 per year. In fact, some of the top online course creators are making millions of dollars per year.


How much can you charge for your course?

It depends on the length and depth of your course, but the average price of an online course is between $97 and $997. 


Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. And you will see lots of courses for FREE. They are great for lead generation.


The bottom line is that creating an online course is a great way to make money and allow you to work remotely – indefinitely. You are the creator of your own economy.


So the next question is: how do you actually build a real business from your courses?


A course business is part of the CAAS Industry (Content As A Service).


SAAS vs CAAS? What’s the difference?


What is SAAS?

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model has become a popular way for companies to consume and pay for business software. SaaS represents a new category of software that delivers applications over the web. Rather than purchasing, installing, and maintaining complex on-premises software, organizations can now subscribe to simple, easy-to-use applications that are always up to date and accessible from any device with an internet connection.


What is CAAS?

Content as a service (CaaS) is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that provides users with on-demand access to a library of digital content, including articles, videos, images, and more.


CaaS platforms are similar to other types of SaaS applications in that they are delivered over the internet and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. However, CaaS platforms differ from other types of SaaS applications in that they focus exclusively on content management.


While there are many different CaaS platforms available, they all share a common goal: to make it easy for users to create, manage, and deliver digital content.


The benefits of using a CaaS platform include:


– On-demand access to a library of digital content

– Ability to create, manage, and deliver digital content

– Ability to customize the look and feel of your content

– Increased efficiency and productivity


If you’re looking for a way to create, manage, and deliver digital content, then a CaaS platform is a great option.


There are many different CaaS platforms available, but not all of them are created equal. When choosing a CaaS platform, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements.


Some of the things you should look for in a CaaS platform include:


– Ease of use: The platform should be easy to use, even if you’re not a tech-savvy person.


– Content Library: The platform should have a library of digital content that you can access on demand.


– Ability to customize: The platform should allow you to customize the look and feel of your content.


– Increased efficiency: The platform should help you increase your efficiency and productivity.


– Marketplace features: The platform should have marketplace features that allow you to sell your courses.


The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a way to create, manage, and deliver digital content, then a CaaS platform is a great option. When we were exploring all the CaaS in the market: Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Teachable, Simplero, Thunkific, WordPress Plugins, and Kartra, we decided to go with Kartra. Kartra has offers the best SEO features and is great for technical SEO. If you’re in the market for a CaaS platform, try Kartra for free.

Tips To A Profitable Online Course


1 – Find an audience that is eager to learn. There’s no reason for you to convince people about why they should learn something.


2 – Before creating the course, find similar courses and do some ethical “cyberstalking”. Pay attention to their teaching style, platform, and most importantly, how they engage with their students.


3 – Use an evergreen model to ensure long-term profitability. You certainly don’t want to create a course that becomes obsolete within months.


4 – Create content marketing that helps you gain brand authority. This will make people want to buy your courses because they trust you.


5 – The key to selling courses is not to be too salesy. Instead, focus on providing value and helping people reach their goals.


6 – Use an email list to increase course sales. This way, you can stay in touch with your students and promote new courses to them.


7 – Offer a money-back guarantee to increase course sales. This will help you build trust with your audience and make them feel more comfortable buying your courses.


8 – Provide bonuses and other incentives to people who buy your courses. This will help you increase course sales and keep your students happy.


9 – Focus on giving your users a stellar customer experience. This will help you increase course sales and reduce refunds.

10 – Don’t create a course until you have students who are ready to learn from youOffer mini sessions for free so you can test your content with a real audience. Then you create paid content to expand from your free mini sessions. By doing this, you will be creating content for an audience that is ready to learn from YOU. This is the key to building profitable online courses.

Creating and selling a course can be a great way to make money online. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all courses are created equal. In order to create a successful and profitable course, you need to focus on providing value, engaging with your students, and using marketing strategies that will help you sell your courses. And sometimes, a profitable course is one that you give away for free, as part as your customer acquisition costs. Long term, this can be a profitable activity.


If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a profitable online course. Just remember that it takes time, effort, and dedication to succeed. So don’t give up and keep moving forward!


Done for you course creation services: 


Hiring a team that can offer a done-for-you course creation services can save you time and energy; and most importantly, will cut your learning curve.

Why did we pick Kartra to build our courses? 

Kartra offers what most teaching platforms do: all-in-one content building, marketing, and sales. But there’s one area where they stand out from their competitors like ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Teachable, and others: you are able to create inside Kartra and take it to your WordPress. This is a big deal, especially for technical SEO. 

Try Kartra for free here.

How Can Local Businesses Survive Inflation? | MFG

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How Can Local Businesses Survive Inflation? | MFG

Inflation is a serious challenge for businesses – find out how to stay afloat and protect your company in this tough economy.

After relying primarily on price increases, business owners and executives are looking for creative ways to maintain profit margins and survive during inflation.

Here are a few fast facts based on the latest Consumer Price Index as of March 2022:

  1. Food prices rose 8.8%, and the largest increase was in the “food at home” category (i.e., groceries).
  2. Energy prices rose 32%, and the largest increases were in the “fuel oil and gasoline” categories.
  3. Prices for items outside of food and energy rose 6.5% and the largest increase was in the “shelter” category.

So, how do you fight inflation, without increasing your prices?


According to a recent MFG survey of local business owners in Austin, Texas, the majority of business owners are fighting inflation by increasing their marketing efforts to increase their overall sales volume, followed by pricing strategies, and outsourcing.

Those are all great ideas, but there are a million strategies out there to improve your bottom line even as everything gets pricier.


Here are a few ways that businesses can adjust to inflation:


1) Increase marketing efforts to generate more sales volume. If your product is selling at the same price but you’re able to sell more units, your business will still come out ahead. Develop a strategic plan to nurture existing consumers and reach new audiences at the same time.



2) Know your numbers. Keep a close eye on your budget and know where every penny is going. The same goes for your revenue. Get granular data about your top-selling products. Knowing where you can make cuts will help save your business money.



3) Be creative with pricing. If you must increase prices, look for ways to do it in a way that won’t cause too much of a shock to your customers. For example, you could institute a small price increase for all customers or offer discounts for bulk purchases or preorders.



4) Consider outsourcing. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to outsource certain aspects of your business rather than try to do everything in-house.



5) Keep your employees and customers happy. Inflation can be tough on everyone, but it’s important to try to maintain a positive attitude and keep your employees and customers happy. After all, they are the backbone of your business. Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back, and happy employees are more productive employees.  A loyalty program is a system where customers can earn rewards for their purchases. For example, a business might offer a loyalty card that gives customers 1 point for every $1 they spend. Once the customer reaches a certain number of points, they can redeem them for discounts or freebies.



6) Implement better processes and systems. Review your current processes and see where you can make improvements that will help increase efficiency and decrease costs, especially in the following areas of your business:

  1. Productivity
  2. Customer service
  3. Business development
  4. Digitalization
  5. Automation

7) Reduce advertising costs by utilizing digital marketing methods which are often more cost-effective. This means:

  1. Focusing on SEO to make sure your website appears as the top result in search engine results pages.
  2. Utilizing social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to reach potential customers.
  3. Creating email marketing campaigns to promote your products or services.
  4. Using content marketing to attract potential customers to your website.

By utilizing these digital marketing methods, you can reduce your advertising costs and still reach a large audience.


How does inflation affect your marketing strategy?


If you’re not sure how to adjust your marketing strategy for inflation, here are a few tips:


1) Review your target audience. Make sure you understand who your target audience is and what their needs are. This will help you determine how to best reach them with your marketing message.


2) Focus on value. When consumers are feeling the pinch of inflation, they’re going to be more focused on getting the most bang for their buck. Make sure your marketing messages emphasize the value of your product or service.


3) Get creative with your messaging. If you can find a way to stand out from the competition and grab attention, you’ll be in a better position to succeed during periods of inflation.


4) Be flexible. Inflation can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be flexible with your marketing strategy. If you’re able to adapt quickly to changes in the market, you’ll be in a better position to succeed. If you are working with a marketing agency or lead a marketing team, be sure that you can implement new initiatives and pivot quickly.


5) Market to existing customers. During periods of inflation, it can be more difficult to attract new customers. Instead, focus on marketing to your existing customer base and try to increase loyalty and repeat business.


How can businesses benefit from inflation? 


Your business can benefit from inflation, in the long run. By staying proactive, your path to leading your market would be much easier. Also, as time goes by and people get used to the idea of inflation, they will start to think about it less and carry on with their lives. In turn, this would lead to more customers for your business and help you maintain a good market share.


How can a fractional CMO help your business thrive during inflation?


A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a senior-level marketing executive who can be hired on a part-time or project basis to provide expert marketing guidance and leadership to businesses.


Why hire a fractional CMO?


There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a fractional CMO:


1 ) You’re not ready to commit to a full-time CMO. A full-time CMO salary is typically out of reach for many small businesses. But by hiring a fractional CMO, you can get the same level of expertise and experience without breaking the bank.


2) You need help with a specific marketing project. If you have a specific marketing project that needs to be completed, such as rebranding or launching a new product, a fractional CMO can help you get it done.


3) You need an experienced marketing leader. If you’re a small business without a lot of marketing experience on your team, hiring a fractional CMO can give you the expertise and leadership you need to take your marketing to the next level.


4) You need help with marketing strategy. One of the most important roles of a CMO is to develop and execute a marketing strategy that aligns with the business’s overall goals. If you need help developing or fine-tuning your marketing strategy, a fractional CMO can be a great resource.


5) You want to reduce your marketing costs by outsourcing but don’t have the capacity to lead a marketing team. By hiring a fractional CMO, you can outsource your marketing functions and still have someone in-house to provide leadership and strategic direction.


If you’re facing inflation and aren’t sure how to adjust your marketing strategy, a fractional CMO can help. A fractional CMO can provide the expert guidance you need to navigate the challenges of inflation and keep your business thriving.


MFG offers fractional CMO services in Austin, Texas

Learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help you drive more business by visiting our website or contacting us today.

The Instagram Trends You Need To Know Today

Instagram Tips & Tricks 2021

The world of social media is constantly changing, and Instagram is no exception. With new trends emerging every day on the app, it can be hard to keep up with what you’re supposed to know. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the most noteworthy Instagram trends for today!

The platform is moving from images to videos in 2021

Photos are being liked less on instagram compared to videos. This is because people want content that’s more engaging than a static photo, such as video or live streaming. People find it easier to get information about instagram trends through short, snappy videos rather than long paragraphs of text on your page.

A post with only an image may not get enough engagement for the user who created it to be satisfied; whereas someone can share their thoughts and engage in conversation through video which means they’ll likely feel like they’ve had a richer experience and find meaning out of what you’re saying in your message.

Instagram Reel upgrades

Instagram Reels now can be longer than one minute. This is an interesting instagram trend to watch because it will have a lot of implications for what people post next year on the platform, and how they are able to connect with their audience through that content. 

Best times to post on Reels

Choosing the single best time to post on Instagram Reels can be tough, Influencer Marketing Hub analized more than 100,000 short-form video content posts to find the best engagement rates (all times in EST, ignoring sectors):

Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM

Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, *9 AM

Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM

Thursday: 9 AM, *12 AM, 7 PM

Friday: *5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM

Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

Times marked with * had particularly high levels of engagement.

Best Times to Post on Instagram Reels to Get Better Engagement

Owning your Instagram feed

In 2021 Instagram introduced the ability to customize what people see when they scroll through their feed by hiding posts from certain accounts. This instagram trend is important because it allows for a greater sense of ownership over one’s own content, and an opportunity to control how much time on instagram is spent seeing content from specific people.

Ads and sponsored content in direct messages

In 2021 Instagram’s parent company Facebook introduced ads into direct messages. This allows influencers or brands, who want to reach new audiences more easily, the opportunity to do so by paying Instagram per message of advertising content.

Instagram Live for marketing

Instagram live is a relatively new instagram trend that’s been around in the last few years. We encourage businesses to be more active on Instagram, but always keeping the audience in mind. Going live is great to bond with your audience and present yourself as an authentic business owner (or brand). 

  1. Use stories to promote when you’ll go Live, to have more viewers. 
  2. Use the “join me” option to have guests on your Live episodes
  3. Turn your Live episodes into a series on IGTV

Instagram Live and Reel insights

Instagram is rolling out insight updates for reels and IG live, aimed at businesses and creators. The new features will include insights on audience locations, how people interacted with the video, and more.

Instagram Explore Page’s UI has been updated

The new instagram UI update might have been what you were all waiting for. In 2021, instagram had finally changed the design to make it more user friendly and easier on the eyes. The old instagram explore page was replaced with a photo grid that gives your feed a clean look. Users can now scroll horizontally through their instagram feed, making it easier to see what is going on with friends and family.

Shorter videos are in

There was a shift towards short form ads because they’re less intrusive than long ones. This trend illustrates how businesses see instagram not just as another place where they need to put out advertisements but instead look at instagram as an opportunity to engage customers directly about what they offer while giving them value.

In conclusion

We’ve compiled a list of Instagram trends you should be using in your marketing strategy today. Some are old favorites, and some are new to the scene. The best part is that all these strategies can be used for any type of business! No matter what industry you’re in or where your company falls on the social media spectrum, there’s something here for everyone.

Want more? Check out our upcoming Instagram Bootcamp series with up-to-date trends, how to’s, and growth strategies that any business can implement today! 

What trending topic would you like us to cover next time? 

Let us know by tagging @coachjessicacampos and @marketingforgreatness so we can get even closer to connecting with you!


How To Get Real Instagram Followers Using Seductive Copy

How To Get Real Instagram Followers Using Seductive Copy

Did you say you want to know how to get real Instagram followers? What about marketing leads and sales from your Instagram marketing? ⁣

Help is coming your way 💸💸💸⁣

More than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day, and 90% of Instagram profiles follow at least one brand.

Instagram is the #1 social platform to grow a brand using organic marketing strategies. Organic Instagram marketing is a great strategy for solopreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their brand without breaking their banking account.

How To Get Real Instagram Followers in 2021



If you’re looking to add visibility to your brand, you certainly want to use Instagram marketing. Your most logical question is “how do I get followers fast?” I get it. The last thing you want is to put in a lot of work and only have 7 followers. That makes no sense!

While it’s logical taking shortcuts to gain Instagram followers fast and free, the key question here is “real Instagram followers”.

Real Instagram followers mean targeted followers. People who could be your clients at some point. Buying followers just to have some numbers to show up for, it’s not a strategy that we recommend unless all you want is to have an account with thousands of users, knowing that they won’t ever be your real followers.

As tempting as it sounds to pay $50 and get 5,000 followers by tomorrow, let’s get you to stay away from that and do try my Seductive Instagram Funnel Strategy instead.


𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦 𝐅𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 ⁣

I’m sure you have read from Instagram gurus all kinds of tricks to hack the algorithm. Those tips on how to get hashtags done right, how to get more reach from each post hacking the best times to post, etc, are effective, but they are just tips, not a strategy.

Since you want to grow a real audience, your Instagram marketing plan must be strategic. Would you be open to put in the time to market your business if you knew the specific activities that work? What if those would take you less than 1 hour a day? Would it be worth it?

Do you see? You are willing to put in the work. We just need to create a strategic plan to ignite conversions from your Instagram marketing.

If you want to get real Instagram followers and see cash coming in, content marketing is the way to go.


What Is Content Marketing Anyway?

As a matter of fact, content marketing won’t be effective without a content strategy.

I’ve been teaching Instagram marketing and content marketing and one of my favorite concepts to teach is persuasion.

Certainly, when you say “I want real followers”, you’re saying “I want to learn how to win people and influence them”. That is exactly what you want, even when you don’t say it in those exact words.

Is it possible to persuade people on Instagram? Absolutely yes.

When you think seductive, think like “porn”. Anything “porn” ignites your imagination.

Why? These pics cause your brain to crave something that it has not had for a while or that it feels like it needs. This is not wrong because it wants what it needs. But this is food porn and it stimulates your craving. So, now you are craving this food that you can not have, and you keep scrolling through your feed and see a post saying you should eat what you want because your body will always be beautiful, regardless of what you eat.

Food porn gives you cravings!

It’s all science! Our right brain gets activated and starts thinking about food and connects your emotions. ⁣

Well… that’s seduction. ⁣

You certainly can seduce your audience. It takes some technique and practice. But … that’s one of the topics I covered in my new book on Social Selling, called Your Social Visibility Blueprint.



Instagram Content Strategy – The Seductive Way

The seductive Instagram Marketing Funnel starts with your strategic thinking!

When users are on your page, your goal is to captivate their attention and show them your value in less than five seconds.

Do you think your Instagram page can do that?  Be honest.

The best way to connect with your audience on any other social channel is by mapping their experience, all while considering each stage of their decision-making process.

That is where your content marketing strategy comes handy!


Content Marketing Strategy – The Practical Way

Your content is your message. That’s easy! However, the way that message is perceived by your users is what turns this process into a very complex one.

Since we don’t know how each of the users will think about the brand message, I can only focus my content marketing strategy based on the science that we know.

Using the science of persuasion we can eliminate the guess on how to influence people. In other words, when you’re building your content marketing strategy, you can’t miss the elements of persuasion.

The science of persuasion or Science of Influence comes from social psychology. Books and Influence: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini shows us how we can develop our communication skills in order to influence the decisions of individuals.

Here’s a recap of how Dr. Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion work, and how to use them in your own marketing strategy:


  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Social Proof
  4. Liking
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity


A Checklist To Craft Content For Your Instagram – The Seductive Way


1- Instagram strategy

Think about your future buyers and ways to activate the science of persuasion, such as:


  • Social proof: show your accolades in stories and add them to Instagram stories highlights
  • Authority: share content where your audience can see you as a leader in your industry

One of our most recent authority building campaigns was “Meet The Author”. This was a series of 12 posts dedicated to sharing highlights of our marketing career to tease our audience about the upcoming book. By the end of the series, I had users sending messages with questions!

2- Audience research

Use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool to define your target audience and do some research. You’ll find out details about which brands do they follow and this will give you ideas for content – knowing that your target audience will receive it well.

By taking an extra step to know what your audience wants, you can activate the science of persuasion by using likeability.


3- Instagram Bio

Since your strategy is to raise your influence over those users who are about to find your Instagram, think about ways to influence them in 3 seconds or less.

Note: remember that your Instagram BIO needs to fit in 150 characters or less.

Tips to craft your Instagram Bio


  1. Use a professional profile picture
  2. Mention your accolades
  3. Be consistent in your user name and brand
  4. Don’t oversell yourself
  5. Use keywords to activate SEO

See an Instagram BIO idea from Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers, our #1 content writing partner. They simply get content writing done the right way!



4- Freebie that converts

One of Cardini’s principles is reciprocity.

What is reciprocity in the science of persuasion?

If a request is preceded by an unexpected gift, it has a greater probability to convince potential customers. The gift will make them feel the importance of returning or reciprocating the favor.

Social norms compel us to respond to a favor with another favor, in order to not be considered ungrateful. Think about your daily life… Isn’t it easier to get a person to do you a favor after you have given them a gift or done something for them? That feeling of obligation makes them more inclined to agree to your request.

An initial favor will be reciprocated many times over in the future.

For that reason, we encourage you to do more freebies and market them in your BIO. Since your goal is not only to attract real followers but also turn them into real customers, a freebie will allow you to activate sales funnels and further develop content for all your sales funnel stages. Mixing email marketing with your Instagram marketing will turn a simple and organic activity into a powerful one. You will be able to nurture your audience and cultivate relationships.

5- Giveaways on Instagram

Instagram giveaways are limited-time promotions in which brands promise to give away a product or service to one (or more) lucky entrants according to a specified set of criteria.

If you want to speed the process of prospecting on Instagram, a giveaway is the way to go!


An example of content for a giveaway


Giveaway Time
♡ G I V E A W A Y ♡What better way to kick off______ than with a giveaway. 
 We partnered with @______ to give one lucky winner a______________ ✨⠀
To enter:♡ Like this photo ♡ Follow @_____ & @______
♡ Tag as many friends as you want on this post (1 comment = 1 entry)
♡ BONUS: get 10 extra entries when you share this post to your stories, tag us both, & mention the giveaway! (Public accounts only)〰️Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE 🌎 and will run until _________.
Winner will be announced on stories the following Friday. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. Good luck!! 🌸


Instagram giveaway pickers

Once you launch your giveaway and its end date, be consistent! We’ve tried several giveaway pickers and has been very useful.


6- Consider done-for-you content (for free)

If the process of elaborating content, especially implementing seduction, feels overwhelming, try using my content planner, with done for you content that you can literally copy and paste and boost your social media!


How to get Instagram content for free?

Well, my book has them – a full year, done for you! And it’s technically free! This content will save you literally dozens of hours per month.

Check out an example of one week of content that you will find in my Social Visibility Blueprint, part 4:


Week 19

Post 1: Dramatic Joy
Strategy:Promote your business!
Don’t wanna be dramatic but I’m jumping of joy with this amazing news: MY NEW _____  LAUNCHES ON _______!

Past 2: Best Deal Ever
Strategy: Promote your business!
Let’s make a deal: Can we trade something?
(Explain how did you come up with the thing you’re about to launch)
____ months later, I’ve decided to stop making excuses and start having fun.
I know I can totally fail at this. But I’m willing to try.
Can we make a deal? I am willing to trade my fear for fun and launch this ______ thing. 
The future is ours for the taking.
Reach out, hold on, and grab tight as it takes you where you want to go.
Are you ready to make this trade?

Post 3: Office Tour
Take a product or a service on a tour and make an amazing picture.
Today we are taking our _____ to (public and popular location). We totally loved the fact that we get to impact people in _______. 


Organic Strategies To Get Real Instagram Followers

While content marketing will allow you to be ready to receive strangers, getting Instagram followers will require activities to FIND users from your niche market.


Ways to Get Authentic Followers on Instagram


  1. Search by hashtags and leave out-of-the-box comments (remember to use seduction)
  2. Follow industry leaders and join a discussion
  3. Join Facebook groups
  4. Leverage email marketing to ask your email subscribers to follow you
  5. Start with your connections – find them on Instagram!

Don’t forget to add offline marketing into the mix!


  1. Promotional products
  2. Business cards
  3. Trade shows
  4. Speaking at events
  5. Networking events
  6. Press releases
  7. Workshops
  8. Direct mail
  9. Coupons
  10. Flyers
  11. Cold calling


Closing Thoughts on Getting Real Instagram Followers

Instagram and social media channels in general have a lot to offer.

Consider discussing your Instagram marketing strategy with an expert! Here’s my calendar!


How To Get More Followers On Instagram: 75 Proven Ways

Instagram and influencer marketing have skyrocketed since it first made its mark.

The reason is mainly associated with how consumers make decisions these days. You will be shocked with some of the most recent stats about how customers purchase:

✔️ 57% of consumers prefer to shop online, 31% of consumers prefer visiting the physical shop, while 12% of consumers said both ways are the same for them. (Bizfeel)

✔️ About one-third of consumers said the top reason to shop online is the ability to shop 24/7 (32%), followed by a lower price (29%), convenient (22%), and save time (17%). (Bizfeel)

✔️ In case you’re wondering if consumers shop via social media, 55% of consumers have made purchases via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These numbers are only getting bigger year after year.

There are an estimated 107 million Instagram users in the United States alone, a number which is forecast to grow to almost 126 million in 2023. (STATISTA)

These stats might vary depending on the industry, but we can’t deny the impact that social media has on the decisions consumers make; which is why brands and small business owners want to sprint their likes and followers on social media.

How do you get real Instagram followers for free? You’re about to have lots of strategies here.

Getting Social Media Followers Won’t Fuel Your Banking Account Unless You Understand One Thing

Social media is not a SALES channel, it’s a COMMUNICATION channel. It needs multiple participants in order to have real communication.

In order to exude the “coolness” factor, it’s essential that you take the time to build a well thought out content marketing plan, so that your message is communicated in front of the right audience and they can feel compelled to engage with your content. 

Instagram Followers And Likes Still Matter (And Facebook Too)

As of April 2019, Facebook is by far the most popular social network with over 2.3 billion global monthly active users but Instagram, the mobile photo and video-sharing application launched in 2010, is quickly growing in popularity.

As of June 2018, there are an estimated 1 billion Instagram monthly active users worldwide. There are an estimated 107 million Instagram users in the United States alone, a number which is forecast to grow to almost 126 million in 2023. Source: Statista.

User experience is key

According to the company, the secret to their success is their unique visual storytelling approach to social media. 

Users registered with the platform can upload pictures and videos, to which they can also apply filters, frames and other effects. They can also attach captions, tags of other people/accounts, whether friends, celebrities or companies and hashtags, which make the media easy to find if one is looking for specific subjects

There are a reported 60 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day. Therefore, small business owners and brands need to have a game plan before jumping into the Instagram world. 

It’s not just about uploading emojis and funny pictures. It’s about the experience that your users (followers) will have with your world. This is why, before I give you hundreds of strategies to boost your followers, we need to make sure your Instagram feed and Facebook timeline pass the test!

How do you make a good Instagram feed?

How do you make a good Instagram feed? 
1) Create content for a niche.
2) Build brand trust by being active on stories.
3) Build awareness by having a visual voice.
4) Pay attention to metrics.

Create Content For A Niche 

Your social media channels are robust marketing instruments capable of reaching a massive audience faster than you can imagine.

You need to create content regularly for your Instagram feed. But not just any kind of content. Focus on a particular niche first, so you can have a group of people with similar interests.

Create your content on a variety of topics in your niche that your target audience is searching for on the internet and boost your content with visuals so that you can stand out.

Once you have a captivated audience, communicate with them to find out what types of content they love to read and create those.

Use social contests, throw a question or two at your audience on social media.  At the end of your post, ask them what they will love to read or see next. 

It should not take you more than a few weeks to see those conversations happening, just from the content you share.

Build Brand Trust by Being Active On Stories

Regular posts consisting of relevant Instagram content on your Instagram profile is crucial to building trust. 

Many brands and small business owners fail to use stories to share their content. Mainly because they don’t understand how powerful they can be.

Think about stories as your avenue to share the “behind-the-scenes” of your life and/or business.  When you show you’re human, authentic, and transparent, you can almost instantly begin to break the ice to genuine connection. 

Remember that Instagram users love stories. Use them to show them how passionate you are about your business. Don’t share products. Instead, invite them to learn more details on your website. In this way, you build your email list, while building trust with your audience.

Instagram stories are a great way to build your email list.

Build Awareness By Having A Visual Voice

If you are a business, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding your visual voice.

Your feed is your business card and the face of your business. Behind every face, there is a personality. Your Instagram theme is that personality. Which is why it is important to get that right.

Look at our favorite Instagrammers right now. Most of them usually talk about the same topics all the time. They talk about what they are passionate about and this is why you are following them. These topics make people want to come back for more.

Pay Attention To Metrics

Most people confuse impressions with reach. Impressions are the number of times your post will show up on someone’s timeline. Impressions can inform the potential of your content’s visibility, but reach is the number of accounts that actually saw your content.

If you want more engagement, your first metric to pay attention is the reach. Once you reach a healthy audience, the next metric to pay attention is website traffic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your social media channel is going to be your sales channel. Again, social media is your point of conversation. People find you via social media, but that’s not the only channel they will use as a factor to make the decision to work with you.

With this in mind, let’s explore how to gain followers on social media!

I have a list of 100 ways so I’m giving you 75 here and you can download the rest and study later!

But, again, keep in mind that more followers alone won’t grow your revenue.

75 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Followers (Expert Advice)

1.Clean your first impression starting with your profile and cover photo. Use and get unbiased reviews.

2. Great new headshots and do an announcement! People respond to novelty.

3. “Ask for recommendations” post. Invite people to give you their opinion about something. Everybody has an opinion!  Pro tip: use the recommendations feature on Facebook.

4. Add your social media handles in your email signature.

5. Cross promotion. If you want to build Instagram followers, share your handle in other platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups.

6. Before/After Story! Share a before and after story and ask your current followers to share. People love great stories!

7. Your tagline. Ask your warm market! “I’m looking to connect with ____. Who do you know who ____?” Since you are building followers, use that space to ask for new followers!

8. Start with your warm list and send a warm email to ask your connections for followers.

9. Be a conversation starter in groups where you can reach people from your Avatars (ideal client profile). Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups.

10. Use your personal accounts to feature the other accounts you want to grow. Example: share your business page with your friends.

11. Team Tag! Select a few friends who want to grow followers. Play team tag so you can reach their audience and attract new followers.

12. Visit popular Facebook Pages and leave amazing comments. (Guerilla Marketing 101). Not sure which ones? Use the Audience Insights IQ feature

13. Craft a tour of your city and show your audience your favorite places. Take great pics and tag as many public places as you can! You should get 100’s of followers per visit if you select the right spots!  Pro tip: use Facebook live to get more engagement!

14. From the same tour grab videos and upload them to YouTube. Add your social media handles on the description so people can find you!

15. From the same tour, build a Pinterest board. Add your other social media handles in the description.

16. We are not done! Take your images and upload them to Google Maps. Add your handles as well.

17. Hashtag boards on Instagram. Find them and leave comments under relevant accounts. Procure to leave real comments not just emoji.

18. Find hidden spots on the Internet and leave your social media handle in comments. is a great spot.

19. Your business card! Add your handles so people can find you.

20. Build a Facebook Group and offer a freebie to every new member (you will need to solicit them using your profile)

21. “Operation 10-5-1”, play detective and send a cold request (no spamming). This strategy is explained in my book, The 6 Golden Rules of Social Media. 

22. Host a 10-Day show! You want to be in front of people as consistent as possible.

23. Host a Challenge. Instead of a quick video tutorial, create a series of steps and tell people you will reveal one new step every day. This brings your followers together.

Pro tip: use ManyChat (Facebook Bots) to get more followers in automatic pilot! 

24. Weekly show- perfect for Facebook live or Youtube. Add your social media profiles in the description of each episode.

25. Use OBS to stream old videos using Fbk live or the new Facebook Premiere

26. Build a personal profile with friends and their connections and turn that into a business Page! This will get you a new page with followers. Your profile’s followers, friends and friend requests will get notified that you’ve created a new Page!  Click here to learn more.

27. Giveaway

28. Contest

29. Press release add your social media handles

30. Submit blog to newspaper

31. For live events, booths, add your social media handles to a stand-up banner

32. Marketing collateral- promo materials

33. Flyers

34. Feature brands in your posts and use #’s so other followers can find you

35. Feature micro influencers (share their content)

36. Build a blog and use Google SEO to drive traffic. Then turn your Google traffic into social media followers.

37. Interview experts.

38. Leave book reviews on Amazon.

39. Blog about your Netflix show or share it via social media and tag the show’s page.

40. Participate in community pages and have real conversations about things that you enjoy in life.

41. Sponsor local events so they share your social media page!

42. Sponsor online events! Online summit!

43. Instagram stories – craft your own template and make sure you know the #’s secrets

44. Poll

45. Podcast – you start one

46. Podcast- you get interviewed

47. Use SEO to optimize your YouTube channel

48. List your services via Upwork

49. List via

50. List via

51. Network with Facebook friends of friends so you can expand your network

52. Add your handles on your Linkedin summary

53. Create a Guide and share via social media (freebie)

54. Pinterest board (leave your social media info)

55. Pinterest connections

56. Get interviewed at some else’s Youtube

57. List your services at Thumbtag

58. Search for job postings and find people who work at those companies

59. TaskRabbit

60. Alignable

61. Google local guides

62. Upload pics on Google My Business

63. Leave reviews on Yelp

64. Leave reviews on Google

65. ServiceWhale

66. SlaveLabour

67. Meetup

68. Search on Facebook – events

69. Linkedin search- advanced search. Find people to connect with.

70. Direct mail campaign

71. Chamber of Commerce listing

72. Build a profile on SoundCloud

73. Create infographics.

74. Use real images instead of stock images.

75. Leverage the power of video and create amazing content.

In Conclusion 

I want you to imagine a year from now, your social media accounts are lead engines.  Imagine what that could mean for your business growth!

We didn’t get to talk about Twitter which means we have more to talk about!  

Jessica Campos is available for workshops and training. For bookings, click here.

How To Get Followers On Instagram- 5 Steps To Get 1,000 Targeted Followers

Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms across all ages, locations, and brands. It has a massive user base and it boasts higher per-post engagement rates than any other social platform.

I’m happy you’re here. If this is your first time, welcome. If you’ve been here for a while, you know the drill then. Get ready to take notes and highlight lots of golden nuggets!

I have 2 goals with this article:

  1. Give you a blueprint to grow your profile with 1,000 new targeted followers.
  2. If you already reached the 1,000 mark but you’re not seeing the expected results from the platform, you should be able to find possible strategies that can help.

It’s common knowledge that Instagram is a “visual” social media platform because it’s geared towards photos and video-sharing. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but is now owned by Facebook (bought it for $1 billion in 2012).

Instagram might not have the biggest audience size or highest activity volume, but it’s surely a major interactions driver for brands – more so than Facebook or Twitter.

Do You Want To Turn Your Free Instagram Account Into A Business Growth Engine? Follow These 5 Steps.

Step 1: Convert Your Account To A Business Profile

You might have a business account already but if you don’t, essentially follow these 7 steps to convert your profile into a business account and you should be all set. When I teach my clients how to convert a profile from personal to business, they don’t typically have a challenge with this step.

What if you want a new Instagram, but not a Facebook Page?

I have found that some clients don’t want to associate their page with their existing Facebook page.

Let’s say you have an existing business or a brand, and you want to create a new Instagram profile to launch a new product. You would like to create an Instagram-based marketing plan where you’re not using Facebook that much, except for sharing some updates. In that case, I recommend opening a Facebook Page during the process of setting up your Instagram business account, add any name like “This is a Test” but never publish the page. That should help you finish the process of your Instagram business account.

Step 2: Your Bio

The strategy behind your bio is all about visibility.

Your name and username are two of the most important components of your Instagram profile because they are the only two searchable criteria of your profile. When users type a keyword or name in the search field on Instagram, the app looks at only the username and name fields of accounts to determine if an account is relevant to that search query.

Choose a username that represents your brand, is recognizable, and, if possible, distinguishes what you do. Your username might be simply your business name or an adapted version of your business name, such as @louboutinworld, instead of Christian Louboutin. Or you might also include a word or two that describes your business industry or niche to further define who you are, such as @autin_promoitems.

Complete your bio thinking about keywords so that people can find you. If you are a local business, make sure to include your city as well.

Step 3: Your Strategy

Once you have your profile set up with all the whistles and bells, I recommend taking the time to craft your strategy. Without a strategy, you might be posting on social media platforms for the sake of posting. Without understanding what your goals are, who your target audience is, and what they want, it’ll be hard to achieve results on social media.

Start with your marketing goal

Your ultimate goal is to be where many people are holding conversations so you can be part of the discussion. You want to influence them to follow you, like you, and trust in you. Sounds easy, right? Yes, it is that simple.  Social media isn’t different than having a real conversation which is rule 1 from my book, 6 Golden Rules of Social Media.

Who does your audience love?

Most of my clients know their audience very well. However, there are things that they don’t know, and that’s where having access to intelligence will make a significant impact on their results.

Use the power of Facebook intelligence IQ and find details about your audience. Who do they follow? What content do they consume? Do they love to read or they love watching videos? These are critical questions you want to consider in order to build a solid plan to grow your followers.

Notice that I say Facebook but we are discussing Instagram. This Facebook tool is completely relevant to Instagram marketing as well.

Give your audience what they love!

Image result for facebook audience insights

How do you know if you’re attracting the right users?

Instagram Insights help you learn more about your followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram.  Only accounts with a business profile can have access to Insights.

Since the platform is global, you won’t have followers in just one region. However, you can monitor with Insights your followers’ location, demographics, and their activity.

Image result for instagram metrics demographics

Step 4: Spread The News!

When you launch your channel, don’t just wait to get followers from heaven!  You must actively tell people about your amazing content so they can follow you. You also want to have social proof so when new people find you, they like you and trust you.

Where do you share your profile to get followers? I can do 100 ways to get followers but let’s share 10 for now.

    1. Announce it as an official launch in your existing social media platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest.
    2. Add your new handle/link on your email signature.
    3. Update your website to add your link.
    4. Check for your most visited pages on your website and find ways to add your link so you can get those users to follow you.
    5. Send an email to your list.
    6. Share your new profile news via Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups.
    7. Use Instagram stories to promote your profile.
    8. Update your business card. If possible, get a QR code so people can scan it from their smartphone and like your profile.
    9. Join conversations, not only on Instagram but on other channels too. Leave people your handle or link so they can follow you.
    10. Launch a brand awareness campaign using Instagram ads. Start with $10-$20 a day for 30 days so you can see results.

Step 5: Instagram Search By Location

Work your way up to generate 1,000 targeted followers. Again, don’t wait for users to come from heaven.  Search for them! Do they love a particular store? Then search that location! You will be able to find people who are interested in the location and join the conversation!

Image result for search by location instagram

These 5 steps should give you the chance to join plenty of conversations and attract targeted followers. Of course, if you launch a paid campaign, you will accelerate the process but just know that you don’t always have to.

What part of this 5-step process do you need help with?

I think you’re all set to press hard and get those followers. If you’re not sure about a particular step, or if you want to strategize, we can totally do that! I do live training (online and I can also come to you!).

Here are 2 things you can do next:

  1. Watch a free class from my Instagram For Business course.
  2. Get a complimentary profile critique so you know what I know.

Find me on Instagram! If you’re in Austin, check my upcoming events. 

Jessica Campos, BBA, JD

Jessica Campos Social Media Marketing trainer, author, recovered attorney passionate about Forensic Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Jessica is known for breaking the record as the first Hispanic woman reaching the highest rank with Beachbody and helping thousands of individuals achieving physical and financial success. Her success systems took her to start her own Marketing Agency and her own Tribe of Professionals & Entrepreneurs. Austin’s #1 Networking Happy Hour.

How to Get More Social Media Followers (Without Paying for Ads)

Did you know your follower count has an impact on your visitors’ first impression of you?

They say you should not judge a book by its cover; but it’s inevitable. The number of followers displayed on your profile can either make people want to follow you or turn them off completely.

If you want a first impression advantage, you must have a plan to increase your follower count.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Followers?

Most people think that posting more content will result in more followers. Not quite! Followers don’t fall from the sky. Social media has nothing to do with Google search or any search.

If you want people to find and follow your profile, you need to focus on ways to grow your channel, combining tactics from the platform with some “guerilla marketing” so you can grow faster.

Best Tips To Grow Your Social Media Channels Today

1. Optimize your profile.

Your profile needs to be optimized to get the most traction. You should start with your first impression, keeping in mind that strangers will look you up and your goal is to inspire trust.

Make sure you complete all sections of your profile. Some platforms like LinkedIn won’t even share your account if your profile is not completed. 

2. Get branded headshots.

Branded headshots make you look like you mean business and are trustworthy. Invest in great new headshots and do an announcement! If you want to attract new followers, this is crucial.

3. Publish an “ask for recommendations” Facebook post.

Want instant engagement? Dedicate a post to asking your followers for recommendations on who else you should be following.

4. Share a “before and after” story.

Everyone loves to see these kinds of authentic journeys. Ask your current followers to share it and watch your reach grow.

5. Ask your current followers for help making new connections.

All you have to say is, “I’m looking to connect with ____. Who do you know who ____?”

6. Use your email list.

Start with your warm list and send a warm email to ask your connections for followers.

7. Make your email signature stand out.

This is a good way to draw attention to you/your brand. Link to your social media in the signature, too. Look at the example below for inspiration – it includes a picture, social media links, and even brand logos.

8. Post in different groups where you can reach people from your Avatars.

If you haven’t joined any social media groups yet, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to reach people in your audience.

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups are very popular. Instagram does not have groups; but you can still build a community using Hashtags to find conversations and Instagram Stories to engage with your followers and create the community experience.

9. Use your personal accounts to feature the other accounts you want to grow.

Promote your business accounts to your personal network – reach everyone you can!

10. Do a giveaway/contest.

Social media giveaways and contests are engagement magnets. Find a worthy prize and remember to require that all entrants follow you and tag a friend in the post comments.

What’s the Number One Social Media Manager-Approved Tip To Get More Followers on Instagram?

Remember, these are just tactics. You still need a social media marketing strategy in order to grow your followers, grow engagements, and grow your revenue mixing multiple accounts. In my opinion, this is where forensic marketing plays a role, as it helps us deciding where to focus.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile for Service-Based Professionals

Using Instagram to build connections is a great way to increase the power of your overall marketing strategy.

But to create inroads in this crowded platform, you’ll need an Instagram profile that lets interested parties find you, gives them value and shows off your skills.

How to Create a Winning Instagram Profile

Let’s walk you through the step-by-step formula for how to build an Instagram profile that gives your business the exposure you need on this busy social platform.

1. Build Your Bio

Step one is to create a bio that will not only show what your business does and how clients can find you but touch on your corporate culture and even prompt clients to take action.

Make sure your photo is clear and relevant and that your username and name are easily associated with your business.

This means avoiding initials and using your business name within your username if your business name is already in use by another entity.

Also, be sure to link your company website in your profile — it’s the only place on Instagram where you can link a website, so you won’t want to waste it.

2. Pick a Theme

Every Instagram account needs a theme that encompasses your posts. Some businesses scatter inspirational quotes or photos throughout. Others use ambient photography to send a message, and still, others have a color scheme or text style that makes their posts instantly recognizable and cohesive.

3. Content Mix and Frequency

To encourage your audience to trust and relate to you, you’ll want to craft a compelling brand story. To do this, think of your feed as a grid where you use every nine squares to tell a story.

In general, a good formula is 4:3:2.

That means you’ll create:

  • Fours posts that show added value for your clients.
  • Three posts to create strong client connections.
  • Two posts where you can promote yourself or your service.
  • Make sure you’re posting at regular intervals, too, so clients know that you’re active.

4. Highlights and Categories

Instagram story highlights let you save and group-specific content which will live on your Instagram profile until you remove them.

You can save them to customized categories on your feed, so they’ll be there to inspire — and promote — for you beyond the typically 24-hour story post.


Instagram TV lets you create and post videos for your followers. Best of all, you can post links and additional information with your videos for added marketing benefit.

For now, you must shoot your video from outside of the app and add it into your profile, but there are hints that in-app capabilities may be available later.

Putting it All Together for Real Results — Fast

With over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, this social media platform can help your business get the exposure you need to reach more clients, showcase your services, and increase your revenue.

Want to know more about how to use social media to skyrocket your marketing results?

Schedule a free assessment and learn how to optimize your social presence for a higher return on your marketing investment.