Inspirational Story: Rebecca Remus- Grand Mesa Crossfit

If you’re unmotivated and can’t get yourself to do what it takes to grow your business, you are at the perfect place right now!

We are sharing our interview with Rebecca Remus with you, founder of Grand Mesa Crossfit, one of the fastest growing Crossfit communities in Leander Texas.

Whenever I meet a business owner who is successful and passionate, I see Greatness, especially when entrepreneurship is pursued in order to be able to embrace motherhood. That’s the story of Rebecca, a fitness coach, Crossfit trainer, mentor, Naval Officer, wife, mother, and friend to many.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Do you know what percentage of business owners fail?

20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. Finally, 30% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business.

Rebecca has passed the 5th year test with honors! She just opened her new facilities, after outgrowing her space. With more space, expanding her business is in her top priorities.

Grand Mesa Crossfit is doing something great for sure. Behind a successful business is a great leader. Let’s dig deeper with Rebecca to learn from her recipe for success.

Q: If you look back on your life, can you tell which traits you had that helped you become a successful entrepreneur?

Rebecca: I was lucky I had very involved parents growing up.  It wasn’t a perfect marriage but they put us first.  I saw how hard they worked.  We were never hungry and parents made it to all our games.  I always felt indebted to them to try to excel because I represented them.  My family is incredibly Patriotic.  My father served and retired in the Army.  My brother was in the Marines, and my older sister was in the Navy.

I never felt pressured to join the military. However, when we discussed me applying for an Officer Program in the Navy, my family, especially my father, was with me every step of the way.  I will always be grateful for my time in Service because it has definitely shaped the kind of business owner and leader I am today.

I found an article published by that talked about The 7 Habits of Navy Seals:

Be loyal.
Put others before yourself.
Be reflective.
Be obsessively organized.
Assume you don’t know enough.
Be detail-oriented.
Never get comfortable.
Without a doubt, being a Naval Officer contributes to Rebecca’s leadership. 

Q: The definition of Greatness is related to winning during circumstances where 99% of people would fail. Can you share some of the obstacles you had to battle to be who you are today?

Rebecca: I think my mettle was tested in various ways while at Texas A&M.  Sure academically, I could have been better prepared prior to attending but I figured it out and was successful.  More so were the 4 years in an organization that was struggling to stay relevant and was struggling because there was resistance to evolve.  I am encouraged when I see posts NOW of the Corps of Cadets.  It truly looks more like a leadership laboratory.

In life, things won’t happen in the exact way you want them 100% of the times. Being eager, even ready, to dive into the problem quickly is one of the best qualities of an active leader in the change process.

Grand Mesa CrossFit definitely had a shaky start.  I opened with 2 business partners but they both relocated within the first year for career choices.  I was working full time as a US Navy Officer Recruiter and our “home office” was in San Antonio.  I was lucky my husband, my now head coach, and his sister helped me keep the classes going when I was on the road.  Along with all the growing pains of the first couple years of a small business, I was juggling a full time traveling job and in year 3 my husband and I decided to have a 2nd child.  It was certainly a stressful time and to this day, I’m amazed we made it through.  I had a supportive team.

More recently us moving to our new location was a stressful situation because we outgrew our current space and it took months to find a perfect solution. We entertained and did research on building our own building in Leander but our patience worked out for us. We got to stay with a very compassionate and accommodating landlord and we more than doubled our available space with some pretty great perks.  This was an ordeal that I lost sleep over because our members deserved a much better and safer location to train.

Last group picture at GMCF’s old location! Certainly, the family grew fast!

Q: What you do is something that other people do; we know that. However, you do it in such a way that has brought you success! Can you point 5 tips for success?

Rebecca: I’m still learning every day… Here are 5 things I believe have helped me grow my business.

  1. Know that I am a Good Person and let my moral compass guide me.

  2. My family should never suffer or take a back seat to my business or passion.

  3. Know who my core group is and make sure they are taken care of.

  4. Invest in my Coaches/employees because their success is my success.

  5. Try never to “react” impulsively.

Some of the inspirational notes I got from this interview:

Leadership is essential to achieve any goal: in life and in business.

Very often people think about leadership training and they believe it’s only for those who want to assume a management role. The truth is, we must become leaders to be able to influence ourselves.

Having a clear understanding of your values and habits helps you win any obstacle.

Notice how Rebecca pointed out as success factor number 1: “Know that I am a Good Person and let my moral compass guide me”. That’s not just power talk or mindset. In order to be able to work on your business and step in as the CEO, you must have a clear understanding of your values, on top of a solid foundation that helps you to take action. That’s what separates those who are big dreamers from those who are movers and shakers.

The importance of soft skills for leaders.

Whenever I see a struggling business, 99% of the times I see a CEO who struggles with their soft skills. This means communication skills and people skills. There is no coincidence that Rebecca is building her Crossfit gym with a culture where people feel that they are becoming better individuals because of their involvement in GMCF community. That’s the ultimate recipe for growth and retention.

If you’re in Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Liberty Hills, Rebecca is giving away 1 free week at Grand Mesa Crossfit so you can experience their community. Their itinerary of classes is a fit for anyone who would like motivation to reach their fitness and wellness goals. Anyone! Their coaches are trained to provide scaled workouts adapted to your fitness level; including kids and teens.  Click here for more details.

To your success and beyond, we go!

 Jessica Campos, JD, BBA

Forensic Marketing Expert | Influencer | Conversion Strategist for Marketing Agencies & Business Owners

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