5 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Blog Batching

Blog Batching is a term that refers to the act of writing blog posts in advance and storing them for later publication. It’s also known as “blogging on demand.” Bloggers who do this can post at their own pace, or when they have time available. This means you can write four blogs ahead of time and publish one a week, or write five now and publish two next month. 

While some people love the idea of blogging batching because it frees up some time to work on other projects, there are many reasons why you should not do blog batching and we want to cover them today!

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Content Marketing Trends 2021

Content Marketing trends show a shift in focus from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which will soon be saturated with ads. Instead, content marketers are shifting their focus towards emerging channels such as TikTok, Youtube shorts, and other short forms of content. Content marketing looks to be increasingly focused on video advertising as well, an area where marketers can create highly interactive “choose your own adventure” style content that offers users a more personalized experience than traditional print or television ads. 

According to Conexu, over 80 percent of organizations are using content marketing as part of their current advertising strategy. But that’s just the beginning; 84% of executives surveyed believe that creating and distributing valuable content should be a component in every company’s marketing strategy . Small businesses looking to take advantage of this trend will  find that content marketing provides broad benefits, from raising awareness to building loyalty. By creating a customer-centric brand, businesses can build trust and gain competitive advantage over their competitors. And the best part is: it’s relatively inexpensive.

The only downside of content marketing for small business owners is that  it can be time-consuming. Since you’re creating content, promoting it, and tracking results across multiple channels — often on top of your existing marketing — you’ll need a little more upfront planning than if you were just plugging fairly inactive ads into AdWords. And that’s why content batching comes as a great solution.

Content marketers recommend batching content because it is more time efficient and can reduce stress of having to constantly publish new pieces.

In theory, creating content in batches is an effective strategy because it helps you save precious time for other tasks. But batching can have the opposite effect if not applied correctly.

Why is content batching no longer a trend for content marketers?

Reason 1: Your Content Will Look Stale 

Content marketing is all about delivering fresh, relevant content to your audience. If you want to improve your search rankings and attract more visitors, it’s essential that what you produce looks both interesting AND timely.  Blog batching can make it difficult for you to deliver anything that’s truly new to your audience.

By churning out old posts instead of coming up with something fresh, you convey the impression to your readers that you’re out of ideas and simply recycling old content. If they notice, they’ll stop paying attention before long!

Reason 2: You Might Annoy Your Readers 

It can be tempting to write a series of blog posts on the same topic in order to create a larger, more comprehensive guide. That’s fine if you’re writing something that can be used as a reference point for your readers, but when you do it too often, “blog batching” can backfire and annoy people who follow your blog. 

If you cross the line between being helpful and appearing self-serving, your readers will get turned off. Don’t risk irritating them with blog posts that don’t offer anything new or unexpected!

Reason 3: You’ll Lose Control Over Your Message 

If you find yourself in a time crunch to crank out a blog post on demand, it can feel like you’re just filling space with whatever comes to mind. You might even say anything that pops into your head, and go back later to make corrections! 

That’s a terrible way of going about things if you’re trying to build a solid reputation as an expert in your niche. By publishing blog posts on demand without the time to research and perfect your content, you’re inviting the wrath of your audience.

Instead, build a strategy for using blog batching that encourages you to create quality over quantity. You’ll retain more control over your message and make a better first impression on new readers each time they visit!

Reason 4: It Will Look Self-Serving 

Far too many bloggers use blog batching as an excuse to promote their own services, products or ideas. If you are always pushing your own agenda, people will come to know your byline as a self-promotional one! 

Quality content is great for attracting links and boosting search rankings, but if you neglect the other aspects of content marketing you’ll find your name on more spam lists than anything else!

Reason 5: You might lose authenticity  

The whole point of blogging is to deliver quality content to an engaged  audience, and to do that you need to stay true to yourself. If you are trying to meet a self-imposed quota for blog posts, you may find yourself compromising the quality of your content in order to get something published.

If that happens, then you’re doing more harm than good by batching your content! 

Blog Batching is a common solution for marketers to save time, but it can also hurt your brand. If you are starting to feel fatigued and your content production is no longer enjoyable, then blog batching may be the problem.

Instead of worrying about meeting quotas and publishing posts on demand without researching them first, focus on quality over quantity by building a strategy around what’s truly important: connecting with your audience.

You’ll find yourself producing more at once than ever before! Not because you are motivated by hitting some quota, but because you will be responding to your users! 

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