All Things AI: Recapping a Trailblazing NAWBO Panel on Emerging Technologies

When I first got an email about joining a panel at the 2023 National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Conference, I honestly thought someone was trying to scam me. 😅

I had to do a quick Google search to verify the whole thing before even thinking of replying. With a slightly skeptical “sure, send me details,” I awaited their response.

I’m so glad I said yes! 

Not only I had the chance to share my knowledge about AI, but I got to meet a community of inspiring business women.

Talk about unexpected twists!

NAWBO Conference Overview

NAWBO’s annual conference convenes a thriving community of women business owners to gain inspiration, education, and connections that empower them to new heights.

The 2023 Austin event lived up to this mission through rousing keynotes, enriching workshops, and ample networking spaces facilitating lasting professional relationships and friendships.

With the theme “Power Your Dream,” this year’s conference focused on propelling female founders to turn even their boldest visions into reality through courage, preparation, and embracing innovation.

If you’re in Austin and want to join a network of empowered businesswomen, click here to learn about NAWBO.

AI Panel Addressing Key Integration Questions

Moderated by Melinda Garvey, founder of Austin Women Magazine, the AI panel brought together diverse perspectives to address attendees’ most pressing questions around implementing emerging technologies.

Melinda’s extensive experience spearheading events and discussions focused on female entrepreneurship made her the perfect choice to facilitate insightful dialogue. Her thoughtful moderation style drew out the experts’ most constructive advice.

Our panel featured:

Dao Jensen, Founder of Oak Rocket: With a background in leading prompt engineering teams, Dao lent her technical expertise on AI applications like natural language processing. She provided a wide lens perspective on AI’s benefits beyond business optimization.

Suzi Freeman, CEO and Founder of Teen Warrior Academy: As the leader of a mission-driven nonprofit, Suzi offered a unique angle on easy-to-implement AI solutions for organizations with limited resources. She focused on entry points like conversational interfaces.


Yours truly, Jessica Campos, founder of Marketing for Greatness. I was able to shared story of why I switched from attorney to marketer, and my perspective of how our marketing agency is embracing AI to scale, followed by an invitation to explore my ChatGPT for Business Kit

Question 1: What’s the #1 challenge that you see AI and other emerging technologies helping to solve for today’s business owners?

From my perspective, AI serves as a tool we can use to heal from anxiety and burnout.

There’s a real flush of joy that comes when you’re playing with AI tools like ChatGPT. Not only you get to think with it, but you feel like you’re playing a game. For heavy tasks like data analysis, having a machine to go over boring spreadsheets for you, and get to “digest” them for you in seconds, is just gold! 

Suzi Freeman shared how she uses to get ideas for her messaging and to gather different perspectives so she can communicate with her audience effectively.

Dao inspired the audience to generate better questions, such as: how do I speed up my sales processes with AI so we can build trust with our prospects quicker? She made $8 million as a team of 3, using tools like

Question 2: One of the biggest concerns about AI is that it replaces people resources. How do you balance this for the best of both worlds – relying on the strengths of both AI and your people to meet goals?

Suzi Freeman countered fears about AI eliminating jobs, explaining it tends to create specialized new positions rather than outright replace existing ones, just as photography reinvented rather than replaced painting.

Dao Jensen stressed framing AI collaboration in an empowering way. For example, considering how AI can help salespeople build better customer relationships versus replace them.

I discussed how AI is framed as part of the digital economy. The digital economy has been rising and this isn’t a secret. 

The consensus was clear – AI enables transformation rather than destruction.

Question 3: How have AI and other emerging technologies changed your business for the better, and how do you plan to leverage it even more in the future?

Dao emphasized AI solutions that foster employee autonomy by capturing leaders’ contextual knowledge. This allows teams to tap into expertise as needed rather than over-relying on founders.

I shared my process to turn a webinar into a book, fully protected by copyrights, because I am not using AI to generate the strategies. I am prompting it so I can communicate better. Something that I treasure tremendously, since I no longer need to hire contractors to read my content, due to the fact that English is my second language.

Question 4: What do you think is the top tool right now that can be easily and cost-effectively applied?

Jessica Campos highlighted ChatGPT’s immediacy and affordability. Dao Jensen suggested no-code workflow automation tools like Zapier to get started without technical expertise. Suzan shared her love for Grammarly.

Question 5: How can a business owner get ready to take advantage of AI—for instance, making sure her data is accurate, complete and relevant?

Jessica stressed the importance of centralized, well-organized data, comparing it to the structure of a library’s Dewey Decimal system. Dao advised starting with strategic questions to hone the AI approach.

Key Takeaways to Guide AI Adoption

By exploring AI integration through an accessible, solutions-focused lens, the NAWBO panel achieved its goal of equipping attendees to harness emerging technologies to serve their unique business goals.

Some of the key takeaways for female founders looking to leverage AI included:

  • Start small and focus on addressing specific pain points with the right AI tools. Prioritize immediacy, affordability, and usability.
  • Frame AI collaboratively as an assistant rather than replacement for human roles. Emphasize how AI augments talents like creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking.
  • Be proactive with change management and training to smooth workforce transitions as AI alters certain roles and workflows.
  • Centralize data and spend time improving its quality before feeding it into AI systems. Their outputs are only as strong as the inputs.
  • Create detailed prompts and iteratively refine them based on initial AI results. Provide ample context and examples to “train” tools over time.
  • Explore paid ChatGPT to become comfortable. Then progressively expand your integration sophistication.

The NAWBO AI panel made emerging technologies feel within reach, providing a roadmap for female founders to harness AI in ways aligned with their human-centered values and vision.

The Path Forward: AI as an Ally, Not Adversary

Rather than reacting from fear, the experts emphasized cultivating an empowered, solutions-focused mindset where AI acts as an ally, not adversary.

“AI isn’t magic; it’s simply the latest innovation accelerator. And now, it’s finally accessible to women looking to change the world.”

NAWBO aims to democratize access to emerging technology education through ongoing mentorship and training initiatives. Its tight-knit community provides the perfect forum for women entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s AI integration journeys.

By proactively seeking AI knowledge within a supportive ecosystem, female founders can tap these exponential technologies to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life faster than ever before. The future beckons.

AI Marketing Strategies: How to Harness Artificial Intelligence for Business Success

AI Marketing Strategies - How to Harness Artificial Intelligence for Business Success

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the marketing landscape, offering businesses unprecedented opportunities to enhance their strategies and achieve remarkable success. At MFG-SEO, we understand the importance of transparency and delivering exceptional results to our clients. 

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of AI marketing! 

I want to equip small businesses like yours with invaluable tips and thought-provoking prompts to help you unleash the power of artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts. 

AI Marketing For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Remember the first time you held an iPhone in your hands? That sleek device packed with cutting-edge technology had the power to change your world. But let’s be honest, it also made you feel a mix of excitement and a little uneasiness. Well, guess what? The world of AI marketing can be just as exhilarating and unfamiliar. 

And that’s why you need to have the right approach; especially if you need to train your team. Some might be very open to your fresh ideas. But some will be “oh heck no”.  

But don’t worry, we’re here to be your tech-savvy companions, leading you through the uncharted territories and making you feel right at home.

In my very personal opinion, AI can create FOMO (fear of missing out). So, if you are easily distracted, I recommend that you approach this new world as if you enrolled in school and you’re getting a brand-new degree. 

Yes, AI is a whole entire degree. So, don’t expect to learn Chat GPT from a few Youtube videos. It’s not gonna happen. We’ve put collectively 100’s of hours into learning AI Marketing, and I still feel behind.

It all seems like I sneeze and 10 new AI Apps are being launched. 

Sounds familiar? Let’s discuss how to best approach this challenge.

Tip #1 to use AI Marketing: Be patient 

When embarking on an AI marketing journey, it’s essential to embrace patience. AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, and realizing its full potential takes time. As a business owner or marketer, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations and allow sufficient time for experimentation, optimization, and learning from the results. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your AI-powered marketing strategy will require refinement and fine-tuning over time.

Tip #2 to use AI Marketing: Bring the experts

Navigating the complex realm of AI marketing can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. By collaborating with AI experts who possess a deep understanding of the technology and its applications, you can ensure that you extract the maximum benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls. These experts can guide you in developing a tailored AI marketing strategy that aligns with your unique business needs and goals.

One of the best solutions we’ve built for our customers is AI personas with GPT4. It’s a done-for-you solution that can save you easily 20 hours of your life! Our personas get installed on your GPT4 and it’s great if you want to give yourself new team members! 

Just imagine for a second… That you can get your AI bookkeeper to analyze your statements. Or AI Paralegal to give you pointers on how to best rephrase your service agreement… Isn’t that amazing? 

And what about project management? Those of you who love Asana or Monday can build AI Boards! 

So yes, there are lots of options and that’s why you might want to leverage AI marketing experts to create solutions tailored to your business.

Tip #3 to use AI Marketing: Create your AI Marketing Strategy 

As you explore AI marketing tools and technologies, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of options available. To stay focused and make the most of your AI journey, it’s essential to adopt a strategic approach:

*  Define your objectives: Clearly outline your business goals and objectives. What do you aim to achieve with AI marketing? Understanding your objectives will help you create a focused and effective AI marketing strategy.

Select a segment of your business: You don’t need to revolutionize everything. Perhaps you want to bring AI just to support your email marketing and that’s perfectly fine. Start there and gain confidence with the tools.

Track and measure your ROI: since you will be investing time and resources, it’s important to track your ROI. For example, let’s say you hire a sales specialist. You can use AI to maximize their time, by using AI tools to optimize your sales processes. Your team members will love it and you will maximize their productivity.

Tip #4 to use AI Marketing: Select tools strategically 

Instead of trying to implement every AI marketing tool available, carefully choose the ones that align with your objectives and complement your existing marketing ecosystem. Remember, quality over quantity is key. Pick tools that integrate seamlessly and provide tangible value to your strategy.

Tip #5 to use AI Marketing: Prioritize integration and compatibility 

Ensure that the AI tools you select can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes. Compatibility is crucial for a smooth implementation and to avoid disruptions in your marketing operations. Evaluate how the tools will fit into your workflow and ensure they align with your technology infrastructure.

Tip #6 to use AI Marketing: Foster a culture of learning 

AI marketing is constantly evolving, and it’s important to foster a culture of continuous learning within your organization. Encourage your team members to stay updated on AI advancements and industry trends. This could involve attending webinars, participating in online courses, or joining relevant industry forums. By nurturing a learning mindset, you can stay ahead of the curve and adapt your strategies to the ever-changing AI landscape.

AI Marketing vs Automation

Think of AI marketing as an extension of automation, taking your business to new heights. 

Start by identifying income-generating activities within your marketing process that can be optimized using AI. 

Automation is a game-changer for small business owners, offering a multitude of benefits that can transform the way you operate and drive your business forward. Imagine freeing up your time from repetitive, mundane tasks, and redirecting your energy towards strategic decision-making and growth initiatives. That’s the power of automation.

For small business owners, automation holds the key to improved efficiency, streamlined operations, and increased productivity. By automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, email marketing, inventory management, and customer support, you can save countless hours and reduce the risk of human error. This newfound efficiency allows you to focus on what matters most: serving your customers, refining your products or services, and driving business growth.

In addition to time and cost savings, automation can also enhance the customer experience. By implementing automated processes, you can provide your customers with faster response times, personalized interactions, and seamless transactions. From automated email campaigns that nurture leads to chatbots that provide instant support, automation enables you to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer journey, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Best Use Cases Of Chat Gpt For Small Business

Again, we are here to end your FOMO and refine your approach to AI Marketing. So let’s cover how can you use Chat GPT for your business today.  

1) Utilizing AI to create persuasive proposals: 

AI can analyze data and generate tailored proposals that are highly persuasive, taking into account customer preferences, market trends, and business objectives. This saves time and ensures your proposals are highly targeted and compelling.

2) Crafting compelling offers with AI: 

AI can help you develop irresistible offers by analyzing customer data, purchasing patterns, and market trends. By leveraging AI, you can create personalized offers that resonate with your target audience, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

3) Optimizing sales pages with AI: 

AI can analyze user behavior, preferences, and conversion patterns to optimize your sales pages. It can provide recommendations for layout, content placement, and calls-to-action, resulting in higher engagement and improved conversion rates.

3) Refining email copy using AI: 

AI-powered tools can analyze large sets of data to generate personalized and engaging email copy. By leveraging AI, you can automate the creation of customized email content, ensuring that your messages are highly relevant and impactful.

4) Enhancing customer service interactions with AI: 

Start by creating a super amazing customer success persona so you can ask for ideas on how to best serve your customers. 

For instance, I asked ChatGPT to turn into an amazing customer success advisor and give me ideas to increase customer retention. After a dialogue with the chat, I’ve gotten a list with ideas to celebrate our customers:

Here are five ways to celebrate success with your customers (100% written by ChatGPT):

Personalized Thank You Notes or Emails: Take the time to send personalized thank you notes or emails to express your gratitude and celebrate milestones achieved together. Acknowledge the specific achievements or progress made by the customer and highlight how their partnership has contributed to the success. This personal touch demonstrates your appreciation and strengthens the bond with your customers.

Social Media Shout-outs: Publicly recognize your customers’ achievements on your social media platforms. Share their success stories, tag them in posts, and highlight the positive impact they have made. This not only showcases their accomplishments but also reinforces the collaborative nature of your relationship. It also provides them with additional exposure and recognition within your industry.

Exclusive Loyalty Offers or Discounts: Reward your customers’ loyalty and success by offering exclusive discounts or special offers on your products or services. This gesture shows your appreciation for their ongoing partnership and allows them to enjoy additional benefits as a result of their achievements. It fosters a sense of exclusivity and strengthens the loyalty between you and your customers.

Case Studies or Testimonials: Work with your customers to develop case studies or testimonials that showcase their success and the value they have gained from your partnership. Highlight their specific challenges, the strategies implemented, and the results achieved. This not only celebrates their achievements but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for your agency, showcasing your ability to drive meaningful outcomes for your clients.

Client Appreciation Events or Webinars: Host client appreciation events or webinars to celebrate successes collectively. This can be done in-person or virtually, depending on your circumstances. These events provide an opportunity to reflect on achievements, share insights and industry trends, and foster a sense of community among your customers. It allows for networking and knowledge sharing, strengthening relationships and creating a positive and supportive environment.

As you can see, these are just a few use cases for GPT4. And by the way, it’s only $20 per month.

Given the rapid pace of AI research and development, it is reasonable to expect that OpenAI and other organizations will continue to push the boundaries of language generation with even more advanced models in the future. So start in GPT4 before it gets too late!

These are the AI Marketing Tools We’re using at MFG-SEO Agency today

Our marketing agency is small, on purpose. We are a team of 6 and that is more than enough to give our customers a high-touch service. We have explored several AI marketing tools and so far, here are the ones we are using:

GPT 4: ChatGPT is the biggest AI tool so far. And with their open API, the uses are endless. Each team member has a subscription, and we all share the personas we’ve created, to best serve our clients and manage our agency.

Coded Personas: We have coded our Personas. Creating coded personas can significantly enhance team efficiency. These personas provide a structured framework for understanding customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to deliver tailored marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

CustomGPT App: As a work-in-progress, we are using CustomGPT app to develop a chat interface that consolidates all our content. This tool allows our team members to quickly access marketing materials, our knowledge base, and frequently asked questions. Imagine having an AI-powered assistant that can provide instant answers, based on YOUR OWN database! 

Elementor AI: Since we build custom websites with Elementor, we’re using Elementor AI in our SEO projects.

MidJourney: We’re using MidJourney for graphics, to get creative ideas. 

Artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize your marketing efforts and drive exceptional results for your small business. By embracing patience, seeking expert guidance, approaching AI marketing strategically, leveraging the right tools, and staying focused, you can harness the full potential of AI to create personalized experiences, engage customers, and achieve sustainable growth.

Remember, the journey to AI marketing success is not just about the destination; it’s about the process. Embrace the challenges, experiment with new approaches, and continually refine your strategies based on data-driven insights. By adopting a thoughtful and strategic approach to AI marketing, you can unlock unprecedented opportunities and propel your business to new heights of success.

So, are you ready to embark on your AI marketing journey? Embrace the power of AI, engage with experts, and let your small business thrive in the digital age. Get ready to transform your marketing strategies and unleash the true potential of your business with artificial intelligence.

Remember, the future of marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI. Let’s take that leap together and unlock a world of possibilities!