A New Brand Thanks To The Pandemic- Katie Gibbons, Homeschool Blogger

Jessica Campos
Jessica Campos
A New Brand Thanks To The Pandemic- Katie Gibbons, Homeschool Blogger

They say that when you know, you know.  That was the case for Katie Gibbons growing up with a fool-proof life plan: make great grades, get into college, graduate and set out on a fabulous career; marry the man of her dreams, have a couple of kids and raise them in suburban America. The thought that was once she accomplished all of the items on her list, her life would be set and she would have forever happiness.

When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Your Way

I know that some of you will be able to connect with the 21-yr old version of yourself and see the vision you had about life back then and say “what was I thinking”?

Did you think that life was going to bring you everything your way, as long as you went to school, had good grades, and stayed out of trouble?

If so, perhaps by now you have a different opinion about how to achieve success in life. I’ll be curious to know about the way you define success today!

Get Inspired By New Success Stories!

Join me as I interview Katie Gibbons, former corporate banker with 20 years of experience. She was reaching that glass ceiling and accomplished much success in her career. She had an opportunity to navigate in different waters. Today, Katie is launching herself as a solopreneur, diversifying herself in her career, maximizing her capacity to bring not only revenue but great joy to her life.

Katie is married and a mom of two boys.

Looking For Ideas To Reinvent Yourself During This Pandemic?

Before the Pandemic, Katie was determined to build a real estate business and provide consulting services for small business owners. We can say that God had other plans.

During this pandemic, Katie started volunteering at online communities, helping moms who were overwhelmed about homeschooling. She wanted to be the voice for those moms who just need some encouragement, ideas, and resources, but feel lost in endless instructions about how to best educate their children.

Katie is one of these moms who found herself homeschooling and realized she loved it, even though she hasn’t considered herself as “a homeschool mom”.

A New Brand Thanks To The Pandemic

Who would have thought about rebranding during a pandemic? Well, Katie sure did!

By activating her network, she’s been able to partner with large organizations and counsel moms who are lost in the homeschooling journey! She even has her very own column at Essentials in Writing.

Today, you will be delighted to hear her story about how she transformed her career, what her obstacles were and we will dive into some of the questions that you may have too.

We hope that this episode will bring you the answers to some of the questions you have had during this pandemic season.

Reinvention doesn’t come dressed up like you think it would. Reinvention usually comes with challenges and even more unanswered questions and it is up to us to determine how we transform those challenges into the ways for us to define the real opportunities before us.

Any questions that you have, be sure to reach out!