What is Greatness and How to Achieve it Instantly

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Jessica Campos
Jessica Campos
What is Greatness and How to Achieve it Instantly

Welcome to The Marketing For Greatness Podcast!

Greatness is a buzz word.

When I was looking for possible company names,  I knew I needed a name that represented me, my vision, and my values. At first, I thought of the name “Marketing for Results”, as suggested by a few of my mentors at that time.  Marketing for Results didn’t sound as unique as I wanted.

When I was about to purchase Marketing for Results, frustrated because I didn’t really love the idea, the word greatness came to me. I searched Marketing for Greatness and it was available! Of course, I didn’t think twice to claim my company name.

I believe that everyone has the ability to shine. It starts with a belief.

Let’s listen to my podcast to discover your greatness!

Feel free to chat with me! 

Marketing For Greatness- Jessica Campos, Forensic Marketing