My Weight Loss Struggle- It’s All About Willpower

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Jessica Campos
Jessica Campos
My Weight Loss Struggle- It's All About Willpower

 I’m the first to admit that my struggle with weight has been pretty much forever. But here’s the reality. Am I willing to do whatever it is and for as long as it takes until I achieve the results I desire? The honest answer: maybe.  So, what does that mean? It means that I am not willing to pay the whole price.

But why not? I’m intrigued to understand where the deepest root of my weight loss issue is planted. I think I founded. My brain associates food with love, caring, and protection.

Listen to this episode, as I am sharing with you my entire weight loss journey. I believe that after 3 surgeries, countless diets, and plenty of money spent, this time, it should be it.

Thanks for listening and let’s keep this social.

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