Best Tips to Optimize Your Life

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Jessica Campos
Jessica Campos
Best Tips to Optimize Your Life

This content was shared via Facebook live but it was so amazing, that we decided to give you the chance to keep it via Podcast so you can keep reflecting of ways to optimize your life.

As we mature and become more aware of our life purpose, the more we align our day with our goals and big dreams, the more quality of life we will live.

I like to call this process optimizing your life.

It’s just like you do with your website. You get it running, but you also need to optimize it to make sure it is up to speed. You can do the same with your life! 

Optimize, Don’t Add.

Making small changes to frequent activity can have the greatest impact on our lives. Typically, we think of additive behavior when we want to make a change: Start exercising, eat more vegetables, meditate more frequently, write 1,000 words a day. Additive behavior can have a huge impact . . . if you do it. The challenge is that changing habits is incredibly difficult. Finding time for a new behavior is even more difficult.

A more realistic approach to change in both our personal and business lives is top-end optimization. Refine your productivity systems over and over. Instead of doing more or doing something new, just review what do you do and find ways to do it better. 

Sometimes the best productivity activator has nothing to do with managing your time, but managing your space. The general condition of your living environment affects your personal productivity. Working in a clustered and messy environment can keep you distracted and in most cases, create negative energy. While some might give excuses about their space limitations, there are creative ways to keep your space neat and organized while staying productive. Even though your work is done mainly on a computer, your entire work station should fuel your motivation to be productive.

Think about how you feel when you see piles of laundry accumulated in a corner, or when you want to wear a pair of jeans or your favorite bra and can’t find them. When you think, you have your earrings in a drawer but you can’t find them. When your drawer of the “pending mail” is completely full and you look at it almost daily but can’t get yourself to work on your mail.  Your mind is cluttered, to say the least. 

Organize your room! Your workspace, your car, your kitchen, your laundry. A well-organized workspace has tremendous benefits. It makes you feel in control and clearly focused and you will define areas that may need proper attention. An organized space can literally eliminate distractions, position you for success, save you time, and help you stay super-productive.

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