National French Fry Day 2023: Celebrate with Free Fries and Deals

Dive into the world of crispy, golden goodness as we honor the iconic fast food staple on National French Fry Day. With over 30 pounds of fries consumed per American annually, it’s no surprise that this beloved side dish has its own celebratory day. Let’s explore the history, fun facts, and various ways to enjoy fries on this special occasion.

Why are French Fries Trending!

July 13, 2023, is National French Fry Day and indulge in the delicious taste of fried potatoes.

The Origins of French Fries

The history of French fries can be traced back to Belgium in the 1700s, where locals likely began frying potato slices. The French later popularized deep frying foods, selling them from street carts in the mid-1700s. French fries made their American debut when Thomas Jefferson served “potatoes fried in the French manner” at a White House dinner in 1802. The term “French fries” gained traction after American soldiers who had been stationed in Belgium during WWI brought “pomme frites” back home.

MidJourney Ai Art By: Alexander Rodriguez | Prompt: The French later popularized deep frying foods, selling them from street carts in the mid-1700s. French fries made their American debut when Thomas Jefferson served “potatoes fried in the French manner” at a White House dinner in 1802.

Random French Fry Knowledge

Americans consume over 30 pounds of fries per person each year, making them a popular accompaniment to burgers and sandwiches.

  • In a recent survey, McDonald’s fries ranked #1, followed by Chick-fil-A and Five Guys.
  • Regular cut is the preferred style, with ketchup being the top condiment choice.
  • Belgians consume a staggering 165 pounds of fries per person annually.
  • McCain Foods produces one-third of the world’s frozen fries.

French Fry Varieties: From Shoestring to Wedges

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Fries come in all shapes and cuts, including:

  • Shoestring: Thin, crispy sticks
  • Steak: Thick slices with tender insides
  • Waffle: Crisscrossed pattern
  • Crinkle: Rumpled and crunchy
  • Wedges: Wide chunks

Cooking Methods: French Fry Textures

There are several ways to cook French fries, each giving a unique taste and texture:

  1. Deep-frying: The most traditional method, deep-frying creates a crispy exterior and tender interior. Typically, fries are cooked in vegetable oil or peanut oil at around 350°F (175°C) for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Double-frying: This technique involves frying the potatoes twice – once at a lower temperature to cook them through, and again at a higher temperature to achieve a crispy, golden finish.
  3. Oven-baking: A healthier alternative to deep-frying, baking fries in the oven still delivers a satisfying crunch. Coat the potato slices in oil and bake them at 425°F (220°C) for 30 to 40 minutes, flipping halfway through.
  4. Air-frying: Utilizing hot air circulation, air fryers can produce crispy fries with less oil. Cook the fries at 400°F (200°C) for 15 to 20 minutes, shaking the basket occasionally for even cooking.

International French Fry Variations

Fries have been adapted and reinvented in various cultures, resulting in unique and mouthwatering interpretations:

  • Poutine (Canada): This Quebecois comfort food features fries smothered in cheese curds and topped with rich gravy.
  • Patatas Bravas (Spain): A popular tapas dish, patatas bravas are fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce and sometimes aioli.
  • Chips (United Kingdom): Thicker than American-style fries, chips are a staple of British cuisine and often served with fish, sausages, or pies.
  • Currywurst (Germany): A beloved German street food, currywurst consists of sliced sausages served with fries and curry ketchup.

Healthier French Fry Alternatives

For those seeking a more nutritious option, consider these healthier alternatives to traditional deep-fried French fries:

  • Sweet potato fries: Rich in vitamin A and fiber, sweet potatoes offer a sweet, nutritious twist on classic fries.
  • Zucchini fries: Coated in breadcrumbs and baked, zucchini fries provide a low-carb alternative packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Carrot fries: Roasted carrot sticks seasoned with herbs and spices make for a colorful, vitamin-rich substitute.
  • Baked avocado fries: For a creamy, indulgent treat, avocado slices coated in breadcrumbs and baked until crispy can satisfy your French fry cravings with healthy fats.

With so many ways to prepare and enjoy French fries, you can indulge in a tasty, familiar treat while exploring the vast world of fried potato dishes. So, go ahead and relish your favorite style of French fries as you celebrate National French Fry Day!

Fries & Dip: What’s your dip?

French fries are versatile and pair well with a almost all dipping sauces. Here are some popular choices:

French Fry Dips
  1. Ketchup: The classic choice, ketchup provides a sweet and tangy complement to the savory taste of fries.
  2. Mayonnaise: Popular in European countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, mayonnaise offers a creamy, rich contrast to crispy fries.
  3. Aioli: A garlicky mayonnaise-based sauce, aioli is a flavorful option that pairs well with fries.
  4. Mustard: For those who enjoy a slightly spicy kick, mustard is a great choice. Dijon mustard, in particular, adds a tangy twist.
  5. Cheese sauce: A warm, gooey cheese sauce can transform your fries into a decadent treat.
  6. Ranch dressing: Creamy and herbaceous, ranch dressing is a popular American dipping choice for fries.
  7. Barbecue sauce: The smoky, sweet, and tangy flavors of barbecue sauce make it a delicious accompaniment to French fries.
  8. Sweet chili sauce: For those who enjoy a sweet and spicy combination, sweet chili sauce adds a flavorful kick to your fries.
  9. Sour cream and onion: A mixture of sour cream, chopped onions, and spices creates a cool, tangy dip that pairs well with hot, crispy fries.
  10. Honey mustard: Combining the sweetness of honey with the sharpness of mustard, honey mustard sauce offers a well-balanced flavor profile.

Feel free to mix and match or try out regional specialties like Belgian “fritessaus” (similar to mayonnaise) or Canadian poutine gravy. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy experimenting with different dipping sauces to find your personal favorites!

National French Fry Day 2023

Fry Deals at Your Favorite Restaurants

In addition to more widely known fast food chains, local eateries are also joining in on the National French Fry Day festivities. Here are some exciting offers from popular restaurants to help you celebrate this delicious day:


McDonald’s is giving away free fries of any size on July 13th. To claim your one-time, one per person offer, simply register on the McDonald’s app and head to a participating location. Enjoy your crispy, golden fries without spending a dime!


From July 13th to 16th, Wendy’s is offering free fries or breakfast fries of any size with any in-app purchase. To redeem this one-time offer, register an account on the Wendy’s app or website and apply the offer to your mobile order or scan it in-restaurant at participating locations.


On National French Fry Day, Smashburger is treating customers to free fries with any purchase. Whether you prefer Smashfries, French Fries, or Sweet Potato fries, use the code “FRIES” in-store or online via their website or app to get your free side—the minimum purchase requirement does not apply.

Epic Burger

Visit any of the five Chicago-area Epic Burger locations on July 13th to receive free fries with a minimum $1 purchase for dine-in customers. Celebrate National French Fry Day with a delicious, epic side!

White Castle

White Castle is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on small fries with a coupon. This offer is available for participating locations only and cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts. The coupon is not valid for delivery orders and is limited to one per customer, per visit.


Hooters is serving up free curly fries, waffle fries, or tater tots with any entrée order on July 13th. This dine-in only offer cannot be combined with other deals, allowing you to indulge in your favorite side with your meal.

The Budlong Hot Chicken

The Nashville-inspired hot chicken restaurant, The Budlong, is also celebrating National French Fry Day. Customers who visit on July 13th can enjoy a free side of fries with any purchase—an offer that’s hard to resist!

Don’t miss out on these National French Fry Day deals and freebies. Head to your favorite participating restaurants on July 13th to satisfy your cravings and celebrate this beloved, tasty holiday!

It’s Fry Day: Indulge Without Guilt

On National French Fry Day, set aside any guilt and savor the crispy, delectable taste of your favorite fries. Whether you’re a fan of shoestring or steak-cut, enjoy this special day dedicated to the beloved fried potato treat.

French fries are versatile and pair well with a almost all dipping sauces. Here are some popular choices
MidJourney Ai Art by: Alexander Rodriguez | Prompt: French fries are versatile and pair well with a almost all dipping sauces.

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