Is Intuition A Real Secret To Building A Successful Company?

Are you ever curious about why your competition seems to excel effortlessly? You too put in the hard work and hours and can’t seem to get the same results as them.

I am here to inform you they could be working with an intuitive to assist them in creating a successful business. You might be shocked at how many highly successful companies employ psychics to assist them. If the best CEOs in the world utilize an intuitive – Imagine how it could assist your business?

Highly successful entrepreneurs either have a highly developed intuition on their own, or they consult someone who does.

-Robert O’Hotto

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that voice in all of us that is loving guiding and continually providing signs. It’s that feeling or sense about a person or situation giving you direction on your next right action. Intuition often makes no logical sense.

Intuition works by utilizing your non-physical senses to see, hear, feel, smell and even taste. It’s a lexicon built with symbols, metaphors, numbers, and colors. It can be subtle and light to sense at times.

Intuition has been viewed as a form of unconscious intelligence.

Can We Rely On Our Intuition?

Of course yes. The CEO’s I work with refer to intuition as, trusting their gut, they feel it in their bones, that ol’e familiar feeling. My clients have expressed feeling “a gut feeling” not to hire a person even though they looked great on the resume and interview well. Or sensing one of their executives was in distress but didn’t know how to approach them. Or perceiving a small voice that brings them thoughts.

Let’s Put Your Intuition To A Test

To help you have an experience with your intuition I invite you to play along with a short experiment. Let’s practice with something related to your business. Bring to mind a current decision you’re struggling with. This could pertain to employment issues, partnering with other companies or budget.

Consider the two paths you could take to address this issue. Now, bring to mind the first path; take a deep breath in and out. With your eyes closed check in with how your body feels about this path?

We are going to do the same again, bringing to mind the second course of action. How does that feel in your body? Perhaps you saw an image or color that could guide you in your decision. Which path ultimately felt better, or easier to you?

Everyone has intuition to utilize, most were never taught how to tap into it.

One of my clients used this in their decision making process and he feels like it’s his secret weapon in the war room.

Why Would A CEO Choose To Learn How To Trust In Their Gut Instincts?

My clients report it’s extremely valuable to have an intuitive assisting them with comprehensive and practical solutions to complex and multi-faceted challenges in business. Such as where should we focus our sales and marking efforts this quarter?

I hear over and over that CEO’s can’t get a straight answer from their staff because everyone has motives and agenda in the company, it can be lonely at the top.

Simple conversation disappears when you are the CEO and they have no one they can be candid and unfiltered with. Even with their domestic relationships, they are hesitant to be open about the inner working of their companies.

A trusted intuitive can become that person respectfully, they can be candid and unfiltered with. Assisting with reviewing their hunches in regard to executive burnout, fraud in the company, hiring issues and company expansion. An intuitive is completely outside and neutral about your business.

In a 2005 Stanford speech, Steve Jobs again credited his intuitive mind as having a significant impact on his work. “You have to trust in something,” he said. “Your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

Having a valued intuitive train sales and marketing teams how to utilize their intuition is a game changer for companies. Allowing for better understanding with clients and pick up easier on the subtle or unseen que’s of buying or backing out of a sale.

One CEO told me, “an intuitive is the most powerful and underutilized tool in business and my competition doesn’t have one.”

What Are The Results You Receive Utilizing An Intuitive?

You have access to an expert intuitive to assist you in developing all areas of your business. Assistance with integrating changes to achieve your desires. In turn, you have more time experiencing your joy and satisfaction in business.

Knowing you have someone to be candid and unfiltered with will decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

You gain a neutral observer with a 360 view of your company and the people working in it. I assist you in seeing your blind spots and potential challenges. With that you gain more time creating your most inspired, desired, successful business.

The benefits are endless when you work with an expert intuitive to create your most desired, inspired and successful business. Having an edge in business isn’t always utilizing a technique you learned in school, its tapping into what they didn’t teach you, allowing you to achieve the prosperity you deserve.

Before you go be sure and take advantage now and have the peace of mind knowing you have a secret weapon to assist your company growth.

Tracy St. Croi is an After-Life Connection Specialist & Intuitive. Tracy connects deceased loved ones with family to achieve peace & closure . You can get access to her latest e-book, 7 Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Intuition.