How To Shift From Personal Brand To Business Brand To Attract Bigger Clients

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You are a service-based entrepreneur who created a personal brand.  Your website has your name.  You are having success, attracting clients that can relate to your story.  However, there is a big BUT.  You want to attract higher ticket clients to bring in more cash flow.

I strongly believe that your personal brand is preventing you from getting hired at a premium and I don’t think that your “branding guru” explained this to you.

Don’t get me wrong, we love pretty websites with inspirational blogs too.  But for those business owners who are service-based and depend on a consultative sales process, having a pretty website isn’t enough.

Personal brands take less effort to build

Personal brands are amazing for those who want to develop a speaking career.  For those who are in a “one person industry”.  If you’re an artist, author, professional speaker, or coach, a strong personal brand will boost your business and attract new, interested prospects.

Personal brands however, will present you with some obstacles.  Your audience won’t be able to recognize what you do easily.  You have to associate your personal name with what you offer.   This is why your marketing expert told you to write blog posts, have interviews, create social media posts combining your personal life with your business life, and you are also looking to book speaking engagements around your area of expertise.  You’ll need to do this until people associate your name with what you want to become known for.

There is a science to building a personal brand.  We have a powerful e-lesson How To Go From Blah to BRAND in 90 Minutes or Less.  Watch the replay here. 

Business Brands take more effort to build but it’s totally worth it.

Since you are considering to shift your personal brand to build a business brand, let us guide you through the steps.

What do you want your business to be known for?

They say you never have a second chance to leave the first impression.  This is totally true.  The name of your company is the most important element of your brand.

Some mistakes to avoid when selecting your company name:

  • Trivial names and acronyms are not sticky.

Your favorite city in Italy may be important to you but won’t be easy for your clients to associate it with your services.  The same analogy goes for all your kids initials.  In this world of information overload, you need a name that will remain memorable and meaningful for years to come, even after trends change and your startup has pivoted.

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  • Don’t use keywords that send traffic to your competitor

If, for example, you are a sales coach and want to brand yourself as a company that provides sales training and workshops, run a Google search for “best corporate sales training” “best sales workshops” “sales training in _____ (add your location)”.  Let’s say that you want the name  By the way… is for sale.  Check this page for more details.  

If we follow that example, Sales Training is already taken.  If your name is Sales Training _____ or ______ Sales Training, you will be sending traffic to your competitor’s website.

  • Don’t limit your name to your city

We don’t recommend to limit your company name to your city or state.  You might only have local clients at this moment.  However, you can create online services that allow you to assist clients around the globe.  Go for it!

  • Never repeat a social media handle

Make sure that you search for the hashtag and handles in social media (@_____).  Avoid picking a name that is already taken.

Who is your ideal customer?

You have the name picked.  Now it is time to think about your ideal customer.  Since you want to land big clients, it’s important to think about their perception and what are they looking for.

Outsourcing is very popular for bigger companies.  Think about your services in response to a solution that a bigger company could outsource to you.  If you are a sales coach, think about a training that a company needs you for every new employee.  Your marketing materials and your offers should talk to that ideal client.

If you have never done sales for commercial clients, it’s time to educate yourself in the field.  Book a rapid discovery session so we can talk about this.

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How is your business better than your competitors?

Remember that corporate clients get pitched all the time.  While there is a good chance that someone can make a good recommendation to a company that needs your services, your brand needs to support their word.  This is the reason why your brand needs professional videos, testimonials, a commercial pitch with robust marketing materials.

If you want a client to invest a bigger amount on you, you must be willing to invest in yourself first. 

These are the steps that I followed when I shifted from Coach Jessica Campos – with no business name and no professional website or marketing materials-  to Marketing For Greatness.  By making this transition, Fortune 500 companies have outsourced their marketing to our business.

Watch a short video where I am answering a branding question at the Marketing For Greatness conference.

Now it’s your turn.  Let us know your thoughts about these strategies!




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