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The Facebook Marketing Trends You Need To Know Today

Facebook is one of the longest-running social media platforms for personal and business users. There are several trends incoming from Facebook that could revolutionize how the platform operates. We expect Facebook groups to come back, and new advancements like the Metaverse could maximize the potential.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and there is no turning back. But what does it mean for business owners and marketers? 

The short answer: opportunity.

Americans spent on average 82 minutes per day on social media in 2020, a seven-minute jump from 2019 and a large upward revision from eMarketer’s original forecast. Social media has become more embedded in our lives than ever, and the increased reliance we’ve developed in the last year is likely here to stay.

Want our take on the state of social media marketing in 2022? 

Let’s roll!

Experts believe that the number of social media followers may reach 4.4 billion by 2025. It is because these social media platforms have not only helped people stay connected, but have also helped them maximize business requirements too. 

We are now stepping into the ultimate digital age, where things like multi-platform online payments are no problem and people are expanding their businesses in the online world.

For small business owners and solopreneurs, social media marketing means “a lot of work”. It is because the online market is robust, and requires consistent work. Especially the content creation part.

Let’s cut to the chase. Social media marketing can be a rabbithole if it’s not managed strategically. You log in just to catch up with some people, and the next thing you know you’ve spent 3 hours. 

Which social media platform is best in 2022?

Facebook, Instagram and Meta

Mark Zuckerberg has been clear about their vision and their focus. And the new name for Facebook gives us a clue! Metaverse! Zuckerberg has been dropping hints about it as early as 2015. In his words:

“You can plant a lot of seeds, not be committed to any particular one of them, but just see what grows. And this isn’t how we’ve approached this. We go mission-first, then focus on the pieces we need and go deep on them, and be committed to them.”

Over the last few years, Zuckerberg has been making big moves to acquire companies like Instagram and Whatsapp. All of those acquisitions had a purpose. And we can see it now.  

Facebook’s mission has always been to “Connect People” it is what has helped Facebook grow into one of the most successful companies globally. It is not only because it helps individuals, but business too.

Facebook Marketing Trends 2022

Facebook, now Meta, is still the biggest social channel. As a business owner, you can’t just ignore this channel. However, you can’t treat Facebook the same way you treat Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are trending in 2022. As users want to be able to build meaningful connections, Facebook Groups simply make sense.

If you don’t manage a group yet, we highly encourage you to start by joining an active community so you can experience how is like to be part of a Facebook group.

 These groups can also help several other industries and areas because of the following perks they offer:

Support Their Local Community

Facebook groups primarily operate for the local community and allow more exposure to smaller, nearby businesses. This support can go a long way in terms of moral and financial support. There are over 3 billion businesses that advertise their business on Facebook.

Support Their Customers 

It provides support to the customers in case of a dealing issue, FAQ, or any other kind of support customers need. Customers can look for reviews, honest opinions, product updates, service center information, and much more through these social media groups.

Engage In Deeper Conversations

People can use the Facebook groups to engage in deeper conversations, considering it saves posts, comments, and remarks for further members to contribute later on. These deeper conversations have even helped set social media movements with various hashtags.

 A common example is the recent trend of #ReleaseTheSnyderVerse, where DC fans demanded a re-release of the Justice League movie, and DC delivered.

Do Market Research within Their Circle

It will also allow business owners to research within their circle and deliver the market needs more accurately. This accurate research can help personalize and redesign products more to meet the needs of the customers and fulfill their needs. 

Affordable Advertising Budget

Facebook will also help provide an affordable advertising budget by building brand loyalty and activating word of mouth for maximum results. This

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook messenger is another feature that business owners can leverage. Facebook Messenger statistics show that the app is the second most popular in its category as of October 2019.

So, the odds are in favor of you using Facebook’s messaging app. 

Marketing through Messenger leads to 10 to 80 times better engagement than organic posts on Facebook News Feed (Source: Mobile Monkey) This is a great opportunity, especially if you consider that Facebook’s News Feed organic posts get 0-2% visibility and no more than a 2% clickthrough rate. 

We recommend testing Messenger ads (or click-to-Messenger ads) and incorporating AI to have meaningful conversations with your users. 

Facebook Shop 

Facebook Shops make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Shops keep getting upgraded to add more integrations and make the shopping experience seamless to the users. 

If you’ve been considering having your e-commerce on social media, now it’s the perfect time to start that project.

Bottom Line.

Facebook is one of the longest-running social media platforms for personal and business users. There are several trends incoming from Facebook that could revolutionize how the platform operates. 

We expect Facebook groups to come back, and new advancements like the Metaverse could maximize the potential. We will keep you updated with trends for other social media platforms as well, so ensure keeping an eye out for more articles from us.