Relationships on Social Media: 50 Ways to Make it Right

Gone are the days of cold calling and hard selling. In fact, 98% of sales professionals believe that building relationships is the most important part of selling. I agree.

Social media should facilitate the process of building relationships, but it turns into a distraction very often. You get bombarded by advertising. You feel spammed by your “friends”. You even get added to groups and communities without your permission. Yikes! Something needs to change.

Let’s talk about the basics of relationship building

Relationship building requires a two-way conversation. With social media, if all you do is sharing, sharing, and more sharing, you are missing the entire point.

Social media is not about you. It’s about them. Your target. Some experts call them “your ideal buyer profile”. Others call them “your future buyer persona”.  For the most part, I find that business owners have a clear understanding of who they want to target. The most common mistake is that they don’t know how to attract their attention. Therefore, they feel like they are talking to ghosts and they can’t see the ROI.

Shift your social media approach by adopting this principle: It’s not about me. It’s about them. In fact, my book, The 6 Golden Rules of Social Media, has this as one of the Golden Rules. Perhaps you already have my book but just in case, you can grab a copy here.

Consumers usage of social media

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