5 Leaks You Can Fix Tomorrow To Get Conversions From Your Website

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If you woke up this morning without at least 10 new leads from your website, you will appreciate this article.  You’re in business to generate leads and sales. I’m in business to help you do that.  The obvious problem is this: Many websites fail to do what they are intended to do — get leads!

That’s why the average conversion rate for most websites is less than 3 percent.

I’m here to show you some quick and efficient ways to squeeze more sales leads out of your website.  I’m calling them leaks.  When my clients have a conversion problem, we do an assessment to look for leaks.  This assessment is done once we get to clarify that the website does not have a problem getting traffic.  If traffic is a problem, our article Get Traffic To Your Sales Page will be of help.

Getting conversions from your website it’s not as hard as it sounds. Many of these tricks are easy enough to accomplish. In fact, if you roll up your sleeves and hustle, you can get them all done today.

1) Actually speak to your leads

You want more leads.  You want more sales.  You want to persuade people to like you, trust you, and believe in you.  The best marketing tools that you have are your brain, eyes, ears, and mouth. Having conversations with prospects allow yourself to discover how to persuade them to make a decision.

Practice your offer with some good friends!  Allow them to ask you questions.  Listen to their feedback and take good notes, paying attention to the words that they use.

If you are prospecting in person today, record your conversation and listen carefully for what you explain and compare with the copy of your website.  Change everything that can cause friction.  

You can’t study your market by “playing by ear”.  The more people you try to persuade, the more you will understand about their pain, what they believe, their perception of their solutions, where they are wrong and how you can present the solution in a way that they say “this is exactly what I need right now”.

2) Do you have a strategy to get leads?

The obvious but missed question: is your website optimized to get leads?  Does it have an opt-in form?  Is it mobile friendly?  Are you including the form in different variations?  Map your strategy to get leads and check with your traffic data to analyze where are people going once they land on your page.

When people land on our website MarketingForGreatness.com, our home page video talks about our book, The 6 Golden Rules of Social Media.  But that’s not the only place where we feature the book.  Our blog posts have the link and we published a landing page just for the book.  The book is all over the social media platforms.  That’s part of the optimization process.  If you don’t have our book, click the image below or click here.

Prepare a whiteboard with your lead generation strategy!

3) The 3-Second Rule

If you are walking by this shop it would not take you 3 seconds to know that they are a bistro.  Right?  If I land on your website, would it take me more than 3 seconds to find what is your business about?  Most importantly, could I find in 3 seconds or less what solutions do you offer?  What pains do you solve?

4) Data is just a tool

Another common leak that we find is in the data.  There are so many ways to capture data that it’s overwhelming.  A report with data is just a tool.  If you are cooking, your measuring cups are tools.  Those are not the only things that you will use to prepare a meal.  With data, it’s the same thing.

If you’re not having leads from your website and you fix leaks one, two, and three, the next logical step is to pay attention to your exposure.  The more exposure your website has, the more opportunities you have to get leads.  Create a plan to multiply your exposure efforts.  

5) Empathy

You know your business, your services and who your potential clients are.  When you built your website, did you think about the experience that your potential clients would have surfing your pages?  That’s what we call empathy.  It’s the ability to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes.  If you really want to know how people feel when they are navigating your pages, Usabilla.com can help you gather the feedback that you’re looking for.  It’s important for you to find out what persuaded the users to take action.  Once you find that out, it’s about consistency with your inbound marketing strategy.

Need an inbound marketing strategy?

Social marketing can be your most effective strategy to get leads.  Let’s have a conversation today!

Marketing For Greatness- Jessica Campos, Forensic Marketing