The Diamond Track

The Diamond Track

The Diamond Track is for the Millionistas. You’re a multiple six-figure entrepreneur wanting to play a MUCH bigger game, striving for seven figures and beyond. You want to create more meaning in your life, while multiplying your revenues to seven figures and giving back. That can happen if you unleash your digital code.

To put your business on the world map, you actually have to work even less to let go of the controls, create even more systems, remove yourself even further from the day to-day operations of your business and make important organizational infrastructure changes (this includes hiring a seasoned team of dedicated professionals you trust). Additionally, this involves scaling your business even further and setting up new business models to replace the current business offerings that depend on “you,” so you can focus instead on being the CEO of your business and on an exponential small business growth strategy.

To make it all happen, your mindset and posturing in the marketplace need to be addressed. For this, regular guidance and private mentoring are crucial.

Think of what you could be missing if you don’t unleash your digital code…

  • You don’t have a formula that allows you to stop trading time for money;
  • You don’t have confidence in charging your market value;
  • You don’t have a vision for how integrated digital marketing can scale your business;
  • You don’t have a strategy or roadmap to exploit digital media and technology and make money while you’re sleeping;
  • You don’t have the best resources or structure in place to compete.

This level of business consulting is for those who know that their message has the power to change the world. You know that it can happen if you get visible in front of the right people. Your mind is full of ideas, visions, and strategies, but you haven’t found the clear pathway to convert your message into profit. You have invested enough money and time in learning, but everything is just part of a “to do list” that is taking you to the point of frustration. You have accumulated so much wealth in your brain and you know it’s time to monetize it.

Imagine …

  • Having the ability to step into your greatness and create a brand around your message in just hours.
  • You bring me your duffle bag of incomplete ideas, visions and dreams and I will make sure you leave with a top notch, secure suitcase, equipped with tools and a mindset to ensure immediate profit.
  • Having no guilt about past investments in tools that bought unprofitable and fruitless results.
  • Growing your bank account and saying goodbye to those days where you had just ideas…

Just some of the topics your VIP session include:

  • Review your business model
  • Design your lead magnets: book, podcast, blog, etc.
  • Get clarity about your personal brand, making sure that your story is represented in your proprietary system
  • Create your virtual products using the unique $1M Dollar Formula that Jessica has implemented for her business
  • Review your ideal client profile
  • Design “branded” content for your social media
  • Evaluate the performance of your paid reach and organic reach, to find ways to build a targeted audience that will convert into raven fans
  • Craft powerful funnels that increase conversions using the best email marketing practices
  • Build a social media marketing calendar so you never run out of content
  • Develop your webinar system
  • Learning the apps that will increase your productivity and focus
  • Create a bullet proof sales & marketing plan
  • Strategies to increase your level of confidence, reduce the level of anxiety, shift your inner game, and craft your mindset for consistent growth
  • Plus, get ready to receive Jessica’s famous “downloads” …

What Jessica can do for you?

We hold your hand for 52 weeks (12 months). We’ll take an in-depth look at the current state of your business and map out a detailed strategy and plan for creating the success you want moving forward. We’ll pinpoint where your strengths are and where you need to shift your thinking or your ‘doing’ to get the very best results in your business and your life.

How Jessica will do it?

  • We start with a VIP session to map your business plan
  • We then provide a full assessment of your brand, identifying the possible areas to grow your business
  • We take over your content calendar
  • We provide social media management of up to 2 accounts
  • We will design one marketing campaign per month, to ensure that you get constant leads
  • We design an amazing website that will make you leave a sharp first impression
  • Up to 3 lead pages design
  • Webinar platform installation, management, and training
  • Email marketing installation, management, and training


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