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While interacting with so many cases over the years, I observed that strategy is the key to winning, as well as the key to most things needed for success. Marketing For Greatness is where I blend my 15+ years of experience as an attorney and online business developer, to get you the biggest wins you’ve ever had.


Today’s conversations, research and buying decisions take place online, and social media has transformed the way buyers search for professional services. A strong online presence with a clear message is no longer optional.


It takes strategy, metrics and a lot of time and resources to do everything from interact with customers to consistently post engaging and up-to-date industry content.  Our proprietary Visibility Method- a social marketing resource designed specifically for professionals looking to grow their business (B2B, B2C) in a very simple and scalable way.


We have systems in place that allow you to gain visibility, respect, and trust in very simple and effective way, so you can position your business as a thought leader amongst your competitors.


We focus on boosting your social media strategy with content and brand integration options as well as expert guidance to take your business to the next level.

Our Services -Marketing That Gets You Clients

Marketing For Greatness can help you grow your brand power and customer base. We have an expansive choice of effective marketing solutions. Go ahead: 1) review our tracks and, 2) complete the form to 3) schedule a demo.

Strategic Revenue Raising Sessions

  • Our sessions follow our proprietary system, The Visibility Method, designed to craft solutions that will prepare your business for massive success.

Marketing Management / White Label Programs

  • We offer worry-free management of your social media accounts. We use our high-end social marketing system to build a community with your followers, promote your products and services, convert followers into loyal customers, and grow your practice organically.

Branding Solutions

  • Our custom digital marketing packages will enable your business (medical, dental, law firm, accounting firm, consulting) to create a powerful online presence, which is unique, dynamic and most importantly—effective.

Workshops/e-Learning Center

  • The only e-Learning Platform where you can learn online and receive live coaching.  Monthly strategy sessions (live and recorded), DIY templates to boost your social media, plus 2+ years of relevant library content, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for even more accountability.

Unique Image For you Brand

Our Project Management Services include: Sales Training, Branding Package, Website, and Social Media Marketing.

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Success Stories

What Are My Clients Saying?
  • If you ask me, Jessica Campos is a genius, when it comes to listening to you and honing your message. Within 15 minutes into our coaching call she was able to hear what I was saying, and said to me, “this is material for a Product, Yaye”. Before I got off the session with her, I not only had a title of the course I had the chapter titles too! This was Brilliance at its Best! No one has been able to listen to me in this powerful way before such that it yields a tangible product! You are a Miracle, Jessica! Thank you for your willingness to share your Genius with the World! Yaye Fatou, Emotional Intelligence Strategist

    Yaye Fatou – Emotional Intelligence Strategist
  • I flew from Missouri to Austin to have a private session with Jessica. I have been doing marketing using Facebook for about 2 years but something was missing. In just one session, Jessica created 4 marketing funnels and a clear pathway to market our services, using 3 avatars. She worked on my Business Page and the reach went from a couple of thousands of people to 2.5 Million. Unbelievable experience. I’m coming next month!

    Matthew Stephens – Essentials in Writing
  • I cannot say enough about the skills and expertise of Jessica Campos and Coaching on Social Media. If you are not reaching your goals with your business, Jessica will guide you towards success with proven techniques. Invest in yourself and your future! RobinPeacock.com

    Robin Peacock
  • I’m no longer stuck with my branding! I have only worked with Jessica for one month. In this short time, because she is a powerful listener with a high emotional intelligence, she was able to begin a branding process with me where I had been totally stuck. I have so much to do to but at least I am on the right track…one that feels good to me! Thank you Coach! Barbara Schuman, Certified Holistic Health Coach

    Barbara Schuman
  • Jessica is an amazing coach! In just a few weeks of her program she has pushed me to the next level of thinking for my business. She works with a true passion and cares for her tribe of students. I am not considered a client but a friend. Right now my social media presence has become something I would have never expected! Jessica shares beyond what a coach would share and is a dynamic part of my life. She is constantly challenging me to think bigger, give more value to my clients and believe in that anything is possible! She is making me “Do it afraid” as Joyce Meyers always said. Thank you so much Jessica for all you do! Sandra Morno, founder of SSBM Consulting LLC.

    Sandra Morno
    Sandra Morno
  • “Words cannot describe how blessed I feel. Learning social media with Jessica has been a life changer for me. I applied her lessons and hit for first time a 6 figure income”. Jackie Resto, Network Marketing Leader

    Jackie Resto
  • Working with Jessica has given me the very best of her business coaching and social media knowledge. She has been adept at helping me to drill down to why I do what I do and sharing that value in a way that helps my clients. There is a cohesiveness since we began working together”. Lisa Torres, Holistic Health Coach at LisaATorres.com

    Lisa Torres
  • “I’ve been working hard, but now that I am working with Jessica, I am finally working smart. She gets my vision, she gets the industry and she’s incredibly knowledgeable. If only I started working with her sooner”. ‬ Diane Cornelius, Certified Holistic Coach at DianeCornelius.com

    Diane Cornelius
  • “I have worked with coaches before, but never anyone so willing to dig into my stuff and point out the missing pieces. Jessica shares not only an overall blueprint, bu also MY next steps to getting where I want to go. Her understanding persistence has helped me break through barriers that have held me back in the past”. Andi Thompson, founder of More Than Mom Project for Austin, Texas at MoreThanMom.co

    Andi Thompson
  • I went from zero, to reach 300,000 people a week, on my Fan Page, in 6 months, using the authentic branding system that Jessica teaches. She created my brand, produced 2 books, the landing page strategy and our funnels. My success is a remarkable commitment from Jessica’s work. Karina Ledesma from KarinaLedesma.com

    Karina Ledesma – KarinaLedesma.com
  • I have a million dollar product and had no idea about it! I had plenty of ideas but didn’t know how to start working on my personal brand. The “branding therapies” with Jessica were just what I needed, get clarity of my business identity. We created my business plan, my first product, and the entire strategy to find clients. Thank you Jessica!

    Leslie Montoya – LeslieMontoya.com
  • I had a Facebook Makeover! Jessica is gifted and talented at strategizing an intentional presence on social media. She helps you make impact in an authentic and powerful way that is true to you and your business! Thank you Jessica for being uncompromising and exceptional. Meshell Baker, The Catalyst Coach

    Meshell Baker – The Catalyst Coach
  • Civility Consulting has sold up to $10,000 since working with Jessica. Jessica created the brand for our new product and a pre launch strategy. The impact in our existing network was impressive. She was able to capture our vision, values, and most important details that we needed to present, to influence our target market. Jan Goss, Civility Consulting

    Jan Goss – Civility Consulting

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